Why Zillios is built on BlockChain

Zillios is a highly exciting international property platform that is seeking to place control of the entire process back into the hands of the key users; the buyers and the sellers. A key part of this is the implementation of Block chain technology.

8 types of content you should use for SEO

Overall, you do not have to rely on one format of content. With all these great options, you can explore different ways to reach out to an even larger audience base as you establish your domain authority.

Tap Coin Introduces A New Way For Decentralized Social App

Currently, the number of users on TAP Coin has been increasing rapidly due to its popularity. It is based on bringing people together by sharing discounts, offers, and bonuses by getting out of the house and walking into TAP Coin venues. Thus, users can get to these venues, as well as socialize at relatively lower costs.