Why Zillios is built on BlockChain

Zillios is a highly exciting international property platform that is seeking to place control of the entire process back into the hands of the key users; the buyers and the sellers. A key part of this is the implementation of Block chain technology.

While Block chain is big news in the world of crypto currency, Zillios.io is an example of how that technology can be further implemented to help users facilitate more satisfying and transparent transactions. With that in mind, here are some of the benefits of Block chain which have made it the cornerstone upon which much of the Zillios property buying and selling process has been built.


A cornerstone of the Block chain technology is the fact that it’s decentralised, which is exactly what this property platform is seeking to achieve. Where Block chain seeks to take control from a secretive and shady financial industry, so too this new property portal will seek to open up the buying and selling of international property.


Thanks to Block chain, human error can be largely eliminated from the accounting process, along with the risk of data tampering. It also allows for businesses and customers to be far more open with one another in terms of the records they keep as there is no option to make parts of the transaction secret.


The Block chain process means that each step of the transaction is verified and recorded before the next part begins. Not only is this a very safe way of doing business, it also means that should any difficulties arise it’ll be very easy to retrace one’s steps through the process in order to see the details of where things went wrong.

Smart Contracts

As a part of the drive to improve the ease and speed by which property can be bought and sold, the prospect of smart contracts is essential. This means that time consuming bottlenecks in the process can be avoided, allowing for only the most essential information to be shared, validated, authenticated, and signed as part of the process.


Block chain is obviously still a new technology, however many businesses from all over the world are starting to value it not only for its security but also the ease with which funds can be transferred internationally. With this property platform the goal is to cast off the “normal” way of doing things in order to better serve the key players in the process.

Block chain is helping to place control of the marketplace back into the very hands of those who sustain it.