Blocking: technology and business

There are rumors that ICO will overtake its own development, and the bubble will burst like it was with many other new technological niches. Correction will somehow happen, and when this happens, it will be seen which crypto-currencies have the right to exist.

Helpful Tips to Hire a Good Blockchain Developer

How does your company usually search for job candidates? Do you use job ads or LinkedIn?To find blockchain developers, you are going to have to abandon these traditional methods because they won’t be very effective when it comes to finding the best developer.

Bayrock Group Sued by Jody Kriss

Real estate development firm, Bayrock group, was recently sued by former executive Jody Kriss. The company, associated with President Trump, after developing the Trump Soho building, which is in Manhattan, New York, was accused of laundering money, skimming cash, cheating Kriss out of millions, and offensively dodging federal taxes. 

The 101 Guide to ZenCash

Privacy coins provide cryptocurrency users with a blockchain-based platform to send and receive coins without revealing their identity. The coin we’re discussing today, ZenCash, is one of the leading projects with privacy-focused cryptocurrency looking to bring anonymity back to the blockchain.

4 Tips If You’re Looking To Get Into Crypto

Crypto has been booming, but that hasn’t been without its downfalls. While we’ve all probably heard of someone banking big on Bitcoin or whatnot, stories like that are few and far between. However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t consider putting some stake into what could be the future of the internet. And if this has intrigued you, then I’ve provided a few helpful tips on how to get started. Check them out below:

DasCoin – Beware!! The Only Currency of Trust

DasCoin promotes itself on being “the currency of trust.” The mission behind the creators is to create a foundation of trust that will enable its clients to have financial fortune within their immediate futures. The company’s goal is to get rid of the problems that people face with traditional money currencies and transferring these methods technologically on a mainstream level.

What are The Best Crypto Trading Signals?

fortunately, crypto trading signals came into existence. As a matter of fact, there has been a rising number of crypto trading signal services, although it can be alleged as both bad and good, there’s nothing wrong with a plenty of choices.