5 Best Netflix VPN in 2018 – Netflix Unblocking Made Easy

Are you a savvy binge-watcher? My best guess is that you are, which is why you are reading this blog.

You cannot enjoy the complete content gallery of Netflix if you are residing outside the US or UK. In fact, if you are living outside the US, such as Germany, you would get access to only 45% of the US content. Consequently, you will be missing out on a plethora of great content that the US users get to enjoy.

Luckily, there is a way that internet users outside the US can easily access the complete Netflix content with a VPN.

Well, Netflix offers a treasure-trove of entertainment content that not only includes popular movies but also Netflix original TV shows, documentaries and more. Needless to mention, Netflix has an enormous fan-following with over millions of users across the globe.

Why Does Netflix Need Unblocking?

You must be wondering that why someone need to unblock Netflix or access it outside the US. Well, if you are not familiar with the Netflix geo-restrictions, then I must tell you that Netflix offers region specific content on its streaming channel.

Well, the big Hollywood studios and even independent studios have to shell out a heavy sum to create new movies or shows and they have to shell out more money to market them. Since each studio has a lot at stake, they make sure that they put in force copyright restrictions.

However, as we have seen a rapid growth in piracy over the years, the copyright restrictions are now imposed on country basis, especially when it comes to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and more.

This is the reason that you don’t always get to watch all the US content in other regions. However, as we have mentioned earlier in the article, there’s a way to get around that problem.

How to Access Netflix Outside the US?

The only working method that can help you unblock Netflix outside the US is a VPN service. Although VPNs were created to encrypted the network traffic to make online communication secure. However, it has now evolved to a finer tool that lets users access geo-restricted content other than enjoying online security.

A VPN uses anonymous IPs that can originate from any country of your choice. When your real IP is masked by an anonymous IP such as a US IP, the Internet server lets you access the blocked content believing that you are access the website from a whitelist country.

Setting up and using a VPN is also fairly easy.

  1. First of all, find and subscribe to the best Netflix VPN service
  2. Download the VPN Extension
  3. Connect to Netflix server
  4. Enjoy Netflix
  5. Best Netflix VPN in 2018

Now you must be wondering, why VPN service should I opt for to watch US Netflix? Don’t wonder anymore, because in this guide I have listed down the top 5 VPN services that not only offer Netflix access but also offer best speed and performance.

I have listed the names according to their reputation in the market:


PureVPN ranks first in my top 5 Netflix VPN list not only because it is a top-tier VPN service but also because the performance, feature and functionality it offers. For starters, the VPN service boasts a huge pool of IPs that lets you access 1000s of geo-restricted websites from anywhere in the world including top streaming services such as Netflix.

Moreover, the service packs a global network of VPN servers. You can find PureVPN’s servers in the US, UK, Canada, Russia and China, to name a few. Best of all, the VPN service offers seasonal deals that can help you save big bucks and get the VPN for a fraction of the cost.

For those who wants figures: PureVPN boasts 750+ servers, 95,000+ IPs, 256-bit AES encryption, ISK, 5 Multi-logins, and more.


CyberGhost is another great option for unblocking Netflix from outside the US or UK. The VPN service offers over 2000 VPN servers that are located in 61 different locations and considered to be the best USA VPN service. However, there is one catch. You can only access US Netflix through CyberGhost. It is because the VPN service claims that the majority of the requests they receive for Netflix is of the US content. Therefore, they only offer US Netflix unblocking. There is a downside for Chinese users. The VPN service doesn’t offer any stealth mode for Chinese users which put them at a disadvantage.


I am sure that when searching for VPN service to unblock Netflix, you may have come across ExpressVPN. The VPN service ranks high on the list because it offers stellar VPN features especially for users who want anonymity and unblocking. The service boasts a massive number of anonymous IPs as well as global network of VPN servers.

However, the big problems with the VPN service are that it is expensive and it doesn’t offer multiple login in over 3 devices simultaneously.

Goose VPN

Goose VPN is a good option for unblocking VPN services. Although it doesn’t offer a plethora of features unlike top-tier services but it offers enough basic features that can let you access Netflix and enjoy streaming seamlessly.

Private VPN

Want more options for unblocking Netflix US? You may also try the Private VPN service. The VPN service offers you great VPN experience. You can access HD content and experience smooth and buffer-free streaming.

However, the VPN service doesn’t offer wider region coverage unlike other VPN services. Plus, it boasts only 7,000 anonymous IP addresses.