Keeping Your Money Safe: Choosing a Credible Cryptocurrency Exchange

As different types of crypto-coins continue to gain traction in the global market, the African continent is also moving with the pace. More Africans are accepting cryptocurrency and are beginning to invest in different types digital currencies more than ever. However, there is a need for an extensive education on cryptocurrency, to ensure that the users are careful when transacting their online business.

AltcoinTrader is a leading cryptocurrency exchange in South Africa and is currently one of the most reputable exchanges in this country and Africa at large. Established in 2015, this leading exchange boasts of a large cryptocurrency portfolio that can be easily bought with fiat currency, rivaling major competitors in this industry. They offer more than nine trending digital coins, to ensure that you can expand your crypto portfolio beyond Ethereum and bitcoin.

With the US, Japan, and South Korea having the largest exchanges in the world, the crypto community is evolving fast. This evolution has reshaped both the financial and the economic world, with more people using crypto-coins to transact different businesses over the web. With that in mind, it’s imperative for Africans to have easier access to secure and safe crypto-coins exchange, to ensure they are not left behind – AltcoinTrader exists for this purpose.

Choosing an exchange

As the digital coin market continues to grow, the demand for cryptocurrency is also continually increasing and more exchanges are starting to open. However, the established exchanges are able to stand out from the rest, as they have a proven track record in delivering their services.

When choosing an exchange, various factors should be taken into account, including security, support, credibility, operation and years of service. Established exchanges are always the best, as they have more experience in customer satisfaction and can easily guarantee the security of their clients. These two factors are very important in the cryptocurrency industry. Most reputable exchanges will also offer a friendly support team, to ensure that your troubles are well addressed while using their services.

Here are more tips to guarantee your safety when using cryptocurrency:

  • Use strong passwords for your wallet
  • Check the reputation of an exchange, before committing your money
  • Ensure your accounts supports a two-factor authentication procedure
  • Don’t provide your personal details to third parties through email or phone calls
  • Only use personal devices to log into your personal accounts
  • Only use a personal cryptocurrency exchange account to buy and sell digital coins. That means you should use your own reference number when doing the exchange.

Bottom Line:

With hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges being launched daily, users are advised to choose reputable organizations while buying and selling coins. Africans and other digital coin enthusiasts can use AltcoinTrader to acquire more than 9 different types of coins using fiat currency and expand their coin portfolio. You should know that this company is regulated by the South African government, which is currently trying to regulate this industry, to ensure that users get a strong legal recourse and improve security.