Top 10 assets required to boost productivity at work

We’ve all got jobs. And while these jobs might differ greatly in a lot of aspects, one truth that transcends every job or industry is the fact that efficiency is the only thing that can keep you employed over a long period of time. Competition is very stiff and while it’s entirely possible for someone more qualified to always come around and challenge you for the job, the fact that you’ve been efficient and productive could still give you an added edge.

Productivity is something that’s quite difficult to attain. In order to be productive, you’ve got to be in a god state of mind and you have to have a lot of things in place and functioning optimally. This is why we have come up with a list of items that you might need in order to ensure your productivity at work.

A Timer

A timer makes it possible for you to track how much time you spend on a single task. If you’re looking to divide your day into equal parts where one part will be used to treat a separate task 9a technique which in itself has been known to increase work productivity), a timer will definitely prove useful to you.


Not exactly a technological asset, but an asset nonetheless. When you’re well fed, you’re sharper and ready to take on new tasks. However, most people make the mistake of keeping food far from where they are, thereby taking time off to go get some when they’re hungry. To work best, you can keep some food wherever you are. At the very least, that saves time.


Today, basically every job imaginable needs some form of mobile or internet connection. Honestly, being alone could be frustrating, boring and tiring most times, but it is very possible to enjoy yourself all alone without a friend, mate, colleague or family around you. Listed below are a few but stimulating boredom busters! It’s useful for searching and getting results fast and more efficiently. However, when looking for an internet provider, you must consider a lot of things including plans, cost and signal strength. Failure to do this means you might end up wasting valuable cash.

Work-Specific Apps

Apps make everything easier. They streamline tasks, make for easier communication and help in the solving of some real time problems which need solutions fast. When you have apps, you’ll notice that things generally become easier. However, the apps you should have should be apps which directly benefit your work. Work-related apps are the ones which guarantee efficiency. That being said, if you don’t need Skype, why get it?

A Workstation

A workstation comprises everything you need to function maximally. Basically, with a workstation, you’ll be ensuring that everything you need is at arm’s length. You’ll be able to get stuff easily. Also, workstations help keep your things in order. Everything is in order and is where it should be. In the long run, you’ll notice that you’ll have peace of mind and will be in a better situation to work.

A Game

The word ‘game’ here is being used loosely. Basically, the idea is to have something to help you get your mind off things when you get stick or too stressed. If you’re feeling tense, a game (or basically, anything that can keep your mind engaged) is a good way to ease off the stress.

The Right Partners

There’s a saying that the greatest asset you can have is efficient people. Regardless of the job you do or the type of service you offer, this saying holds true. When you have the right people working for you, it becomes incredibly easier to work and your overall efficiency is greatly boosted.