5 Tips on Essay Writing

Essay and paper writing are imperative aspects of a student’s life. 1000 word assignments with approaching deadlines and you don’t even know where to begin. You wish for some miracle, cry and beg for a deadline extension or simply hand in a paper that you know is sub par. In this regard, some tips on writing essays might seem like just the thing you need.

introduction: keep it simple

Begin every essay with an introduction paragraph. This paragraph should be no more than 4-5 lines and should not include any real content from the actual body. The one thing that every great introduction should include is a thesis statement. A thesis statement contains a one-line summary of the argument you will make throughout the essay. It tells the reader what to expect from the rest of the essay. It should be only one sentence long. One example of a thesis statement is “Cartoons are a valuable part of a child’s nurture, and parents should keep a check on the type of cartoons their children view”.

The Body of the Essay

The main component of an essay’s body is paragraphs. A great essay is composed of an ample number of paragraphs. Clumping together every point in the same paragraph would aggravate the reader. The sequence in which every paragraph is constructed is:

  • Topic Sentence: A sentence that must be present at the beginning of every paragraph, which summaries what point will be discussed in that paragraph. Example: “Children should avoid consuming fast food to lessen the risk of childhood obesity”
  • Explanation
  • Example


A good treasure of vocabulary is ideal for essay writing. Have your synonyms ready. Avoid using the same word more than once during the course of the essay. This shows variation in the essay and captures the interest of the reader.


An awful scenario for the reader is coming across grammatical errors while reading a top-notch piece. Use the Spelling and Grammar function on your word processing software or download a program that can find and fix any such errors. Despite of the technical ways, always proofread in the end. While writing formal, argumentative-type essays, prevent yourself from using first and second-person voice. And try your best to use passive voice as less as you can to avoid frustrating the reader.


Keep the conclusion short and simple. Avoid open with overused phrases such as “In the light of all the above mentioned points…” or “I would like to conclude with….” A good, coherent conclusion uses quotations, proverbs, or reiterates the thesis statement.

A shortcut!

In case you still don’t want to write your own essay properly, the internet is your best friend! There are websites that can generate thesis statements, introductions and conclusions for you, but for those with the least time on their hands we have websites like essayhawk.com that hire essay and paper-writers for a small sum of money and a semester free of worries!