Warning: Microsoft Windows scam alert

No, this article isn’t accusing Microsoft Windows of being a scam. *Cough*

But a number of clueless Windows users have apparently been targeted by an unknown scammer attempting to obtain remote system access. 

“Within the last few days we have had several clients call in and describe strange phone calls they have been receiving,” reported Ashley Smith of MakeITWork.

“A man with an accent calls and says there is ‘an error with Microsoft,’ and if you don’t fix it soon, your computer will crash.

According to Smith, the scammer operates by gaining remote access to systems after hapless victims follow his phone instructions and log into a nefarious website.

“The hacker [then] infects [a] computer with malware and takes as much personal information as [he] can, including banking information.”

Smith recommended that readers “hang up immediately” and noted that Microsoft did not contact customers via phone without a support ticket.