Apple accused of false marketing over iPhone pixel claim

The president of DisplayMate Technologies has publicly challenged Apple’s claim that the iPhone 4’s resolution “exceeds” the human retina.

“It is reasonably close to being a perfect display (at 326 pixels per-inch), but Steve Jobs pushed it a little too far,” Raymond Soneira told Wired.

“The marketing puffery is now in control. Everything that’s being said now is just this superamplified imaginary nonsense and the only way to get people’s attention now is making more outlandish statements.”

Soneira said it was “inaccurate” to measure human eye resolution in terms of pixels, as the eye maintained an angular resolution of 50 cycles per degree.

“Therefore, if we were to compare the resolution limit of the eye with pixels on a screen, we must convert angular resolution to linear resolution.

“After conversions are made, a more accurate ‘retina display’ would have a pixel resolution of 477 pixels per inch at 12 inches.”

However, Soneira emphasized that the device – which features in-plane switching technology – would likely boast the “best” phone display on the market, with a wide viewing angle and brilliant colors.