Communication Without Spam

Can you imagine a site, forum or blog without annoying spam that complicates life for site visitors? The majority of them are not. You go to the website and see hundreds of messages and images you are not supposed to. The problem is that spam is so incorporated into the online world that we do not realize the way it irritates site owners and visitors.

As a site moderator, you can try deleting and filtering messages manually but the time loss will be considerable. What’s more, you cannot always differentiate messages from real people from messages left by spam bots. Nowadays, messages from spam bots are so sophisticated that they look like real people’s messages and you cannot tell the difference. They cater their message to the topic and mention the advertised or promoted topic so smoothly, it does not feel like a promotion at all. You can barely understand it was spam until having finished reading the long message and immediately regretting to have wasted your time on it. So what should you do?


It is possible to stop spam activity on your site checking the address in spam IP database which is a list of all IP, domain, and email addresses that are suspected in spamming. If messages sent from an account are or look like spam, a moderator of a database can make a decision to add this user’s IP address, email, and all the domains of his messages to the spam list. Some services make the spammer marked with points, 1,2, and 3. When the account reaches 3 points, it is automatically moved to the spam list. In 45 days, user’s data is automatically deleted from the blacklist as the points decrease from 3 to 2 or 1 on the condition no suspicious spam activities were noticed.

Benefits for Your Site, Blog or Forum

Spam IP databases allow your web space to be the utmost visitor friendly. Each time users log in, they will not be disturbed by annoying CAPTCHAs or other security checks. Even though it may seem like nothing, some users find it difficult to properly read it and fill in correctly the first time due to bad eyesight or other factors. It takes three or more times for some users to pass the CAPTCHA. Sure enough, there is a high possibility that the visitor will give up on guessing and merely closes the tab out of irritation. So, isn’t it better to give visitors freedom to communicate online without spam trash popping up here and there?

With the creation of spam IP database your site will

  • Become more user-friendly,
  • Attract more new users,
  • Leave pleasant impression and desire to revisit in old users,
  • Become more profitable.

There is no doubt that spam in all its forms spoils the impression from visiting the site and decreases chances of it getting a great number of regular users. Protecting your site from spam bots will ensure your visitors read only ad-free messages written by real people and are not stuck trying to solve CAPTCHAs or other security puzzles.