Why You Should Ride A Scooter or Moped

Fuel is expensive and you know it. If you own a car, this should be bad news for you. There’s a suitable alternative though. Have you thought about a scooter or moped? If you haven’t, this is a good time to start thinking. It’s a fast, sleek, easy means of transport which neither takes up too much of space nor money. We’ll give you the reasons why you should consider getting yourself a two-wheeler and leave you to decide. If you like our idea, why not give it a try?

1. They Are Extremely Affordable

You can have a scooter for less than $70 a month! That’s how cheap they actually are. Having a scooter could be an easy way to get yourself a personal vehicle if you still rely on public transport for your travel. You could easily gather up a bit (a very small bit) of your savings and invest on a scooter or moped. You could even rent a moped while travelling or on a special occasion. This is absolutely no trouble at all! Most gas scooters can get you over 100 miles per gallon. This is really good news for people who own or are planning to own scooters because you can get around a lot more for much less. In terms of maintenance, scooters have very very low maintenance costs, so you will be able to save those crucial hours and those precious bucks for something else!

2. Go Easy and Go Green

Scooters are two wheelers, so it isn’t much of a trouble getting around in them. Whether it’s a really narrow lane or a tight bend, your moped or scooter can travel almost anywhere and everywhere. Learning to drive a scooter is no pain at all! Anyone can do it. Scooters are also less polluting than four wheelers or motorcycles. When you ride them, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint. We must also tell you that this is obviously a better choice than your daily commute, where you’re likely to get shoved around in between hordes of people and reach your office half tired. With the ownership of a scooter, you can follow a much-relaxed schedule too! There won’t be the imminent danger of missing the 7.50 bus or the 8.20 train. Isn’t that a relief?

3. Life and Style

When people get themselves cars, they last for around ten to twelve years before deciding to sell them off. With a scooter, you could so the same. You will probably ride for around ten to twelve years, sailing through traffic (maybe even on the sidewalk), before you finally decide to part with it. The only difference would be that you pay much less. Probably as much as a couple of fast RC cars. (By the way, those are really, really cool!) Most people worry about safety while riding a scooter, but that is no problem. All you need to do is keep your helmet perched firmly on your head and you won’t have any trouble. Driving cautiously never leads to any accidents (don’t race with your scooter!) A scooter is also extremely personal. It’s got that one seat that’s made for you, and you can sit on it for your daily trip to the grocery store or office, without any trouble. If you’re carrying a bag or briefcase, put it right into the cargo box under your seat and drive freely.

People have been riding scooters since 1894. They’re actually that old. However, they are extremely relevant even on today’s roads. They’re fun to ride and have a style statement attached to them, often portrayed in famous works of the international film industry. For you though, they’re the perfect alternative to an expensive car and high maintenance and fuel costs. For your daily commute to work or a trip to the local supermarket, it will be most convenient for you to ride your scooter or moped. Parking them is no trouble at all – a very small spot of empty space should do. If you’ve been thinking about it, go ahead! This is a choice you certainly won’t regret.