Mike Giuffrida Reveals Regional Plastic Surgery Distribution for Southington and Hartford, CT

Southington and Hartford, CT have recently been researched by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, who have looked specifically at regional distributions of different procedures and associated costs. This is something of great interest to local plastic surgeons like Mike Giuffrida, as it can help them to determine whether they are offering the right kinds of procedures and whether their pricing strategies are correct. Here, some of the most important statistics are revealed.

Mike Giuffrida on Regional Distribution

Of the national average, Connecticut, including Hartford and Southington, were home to:

  • 15% of all breast augmentation procedures.
  • 20% of all breast implant removals.
  • 13% of all breast lifts.
  • 16% of all breast reductions.
  • 33% of all breast reductions in men.
  • 23% of all fat grafting butt augmentations.
  • 15% of all butt implants.
  • 24% of all butt lifts.
  • 29% of all calf augmentations.
  • 18% of all cheek implants.
  • 23% of all chin augmentations.
  • 12% of all dermabrasions.
  • 19% of all ear surgeries.
  • 18% of all eyelid surgeries.
  • 20% of all facelifts (both full and mini).
  • 16% of all forehead lifts.
  • 10% of all hair transplants.
  • 20% of all labiaplasty procedures.
  • 27% of all lip augmentations that were not performed using injectables.
  • 18% of all lip reductions.
  • 18% of all liposuctions.
  • 30% of all lower body lifts.
  • 19% of all neck lifts.
  • 29% of all nose reshaping procedures.
  • 16% of all pectoral implants.
  • 25% thigh lifts.
  • 20% of all tummy tucks.
  • 29% of all upper arm lifts.

This means that, in total, 19% of all national plastic surgery procedures are completed in the region of which Connecticut is part.

Meanwhile, the state also fares quite interestingly in terms of the minimally invasive procedures. Specifically, it is home to:

  • 20% of all Botox injections.
  • 22% of all cellulite treatments including Endemoloy and Velosmooth.
  • 25% of all chemical peels.
  • 19% of all injection lipolysis such as Kybella.
  • 27% of all intense pulsed light treatments.
  • 18% of all laser hair removal procedures.
  • 20% of all laser skin resurfacing procedures.
  • 25% of all laser treatment of spider veins in the legs.
  • 25% of all microdermabrasion procedures.
  • 21% of all non invasive procedures aimed at reducing fat, including Liposonix and Coolsculpting.
  • 20% of all non invasive procedures aimed at tightening the skin, including Ulthera, Thermage, and Pelleve.
  • 15% of all sclerotherapy procedures.
  • 29% of all soft tissue fillers. Interestingly, 51% of all collagen soft tissue fillers are performed in this area

This means that 22% of all non and minimally invasive procedures are completed in the region of the country of which Connecticut is a part.

These statistics are vitally important for cosmetic and plastic surgeons. They are currently awaiting data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in terms of how they compare for their prices, as this could be a way of attracting even more patients to the area. Connecticut, overall, is a reasonably affordable state so it could become a hot bed for plastic surgeons.