Tom Hardy Hopes to Play Mad Max For At Least Three Movies

While it’s taken a long time to get Mad Max Fury Road made, if you’ve seen the trailer, it looks pretty damn great, and we’ve got very high hopes for it. Tom Hardy is the new model Mad Max, and he could be doing the role for a long time to come if all goes well.

Uproxx reports that Hardy has signed up for three movies, and usually if you’ve got a potentially hot franchise, you want to make sure the actors are locked up for the sequels. While there hasn’t been a Mad Max movie in thirty years, we think it could be very successfully reinvented for a new generation if the movie turns out right.

Hardy told Esquire, “I’ve never been more excited and out of my comfort zone,” and he’s a great choice to take on Max. We’re not sure if Mel Gibson was up for another Mad Max franchise before his public meltdown, but we wouldn’t be surprised if a new Mad Max has been in the works since…well, probably the last one back in 1985.

So here’s to hoping the next Mad Max is gonna be a winner. Again, the trailer looks great, and if the movie’s half as good as the coming attraction, we’re really chompin’ at the bit to see it.