Apply Watch Ready to Flood the Market

We just reported here on TG that Apple may or may not be working on a self-driving car behind the scenes, deep under the radar. If it does, or doesn’t, come to pass, it certainly remains to be seen, but the next Apple product, the Apple Watch, is about ready to invade the world.

Yes, the Apple Watch isn’t available yet, but as the Wall Street Journal tells us, Apple has told their supplier in Asia to make five to six million Apple Watches, and according to a report on USA Today, the Apple Watch sales projections are at 20 million. (The basic Apple watch will cost $350.)

One source is hoping this will be “the most successful smartwatch ever,” which USA Today says isn’t saying much, because the smartwatch Pebble, sold a million in two years, and the Android Wear smartwatches only sold 720,000 last year.

A report in Fortune also tells us that the gold Apple watch, the high end model that will cost over $4,000, could end up making Apple a serious mint, perhaps $5 billion in revenue every quarter if they take off.

The Apple watch is reportedly going to make its debut this April, although there’s no official exact date just yet.