It’s Official: Neill Blomkamp to Direct the Next Alien Movie

Some people believe if you think something, or get enough positive energy out there in the air, that you can make things a reality. Well apparently that’s what Neill Blomkamp has done, because reports tell us he’ll be making the next Alien film.

We reported previously on TG that Blomkamp has made some incredible sketches based on the Alien franchise, and that he’s discussed doing an Alien project with Sigourney Weaver. Now The Wrap tells us that Blomkamp will be onboard to make a new Alien movie, and it won’t be Prometheus 2, which takes place in the Alien universe, and which, at last report, should still be in development at Fox.

Blomkamp has a new movie coming, Chappie, that looks like it’s in a similar vein to District 9, with a healthy sense of humor. We’ve previously joked that it looks like a modern version of Short Circuit, and we mean that in a good way because the first Short Circuit movie was a lot of fun.

So will Blomkamp’s vision be the shot in the arm the Alien franchise needs to get going again? Well, you sure can’t do any worse than Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection…

As this story was being finalized, it was reported on Deadline that Ridley Scott will be producing this alien incarnation, while another Prometheus movie is still in the works.