The Osbournes to Return

While I’ve been a card carrying metalhead for thirty years now, and love everything Ozzy has brought to the genre, the news that the Osbournes is returning to TV isn’t very exciting frankly.

First of all, the show is so 2002, and like a lot of things in rock and roll, at first it was funny and hilarious, then we realized it was pretty sad watching Ozzy bumbling around, making a sad fool of himself on television, and his manager / wife Sharon (who the fans often nickname Sauron Osbourne because she’s very widely disliked) not caring because the family was raking in the bucks.

The Osbournes was like most reality TV in that it was a one-joke idea that got old quick. Yet as Sharon told Blabbermouth, “Ozzy has decided that he wants to do another few epsiodes…It’s been 13 years since the last one. He said that for the whole three years that we did it, he was drunk the whole time, so he said he would like to do one where he is completely sober…It’s not forever. It’s no more than eight episodes. Because it’s been 13 years and our lives have changed so much, it’s a kind of catchup. It’s like, ‘What are they doing now?’ That’s it.”

So the Osbournes will indeed retrun, but we’re far more interested in the next Black Sabbath album, which Ozzy claims will be the band’s last, and anything else musical he’s doing.