Taking a Glimpse into the Future of Text Messaging

Text messaging is currently a mix of instant messages sent via cell phones, an array of apps and instant messaging software built within sites like Facebook. Text messaging is slowly, but surely, replacing cell phone calls because of the ease of use and convenience it offers. Many innovations are being introduced in the world of text messaging which may completely transform the way we interact with employers, coworkers and companies in the future. Here are a few trends to watch in the world of text messaging in the coming years.

Mobile Security

Mobile apps used for chat are having their security upgraded to eliminate the risk of messages being intercepted by the app servers on the cloud or recorded by spyware on the device from which it is sent or received. Mark Cuban’s app Cyberdust sends messages encrypted end to end and then deletes them only a few seconds after the message is read, and companies such as Spok offer secure text messaging for the healthcare industry.

Encrypted apps are certainly the future of messaging apps, especially as “bring your own device to work” becomes a cost saving technique for companies and more common way to let employees work anywhere they are without bothering with multiple devices.

Companies want the ability to remotely wipe conversation logs if the device is stolen or hacked and have user authentication methods beyond the standard username and password so someone can’t take your phone and read the company’s secret information.

Application to Person Apps

Application to person messaging are most likely to reach a person today when sent via text message. The user may not answer a phone call from an unfamiliar person while email notices often go to spam. Send them a text message, though, and they are more likely to receive it while the sender can still verify it was read.

Artificial intelligence is accelerating the rise of app to person messaging, such as Facebook Messenger bots that let you send messages to a store’s bot to place or check on the status of orders. Expect to see more chat apps evolving into personal assistants, sending text messages to people and other apps on your behalf.

Chat Apps Becoming Your All In One Resource

Chat apps have a benefit over other types of apps as they try to add new functions. First, chat apps using SMS are relying on text-based interactions everyone already knows so there isn’t a learning curve. Second, when they use an existing chat app to introduce the new functionality, it eliminates the need for users to install yet another app and keep them working with each other. Third, the most basic function, the chat function, gives people far more options for interaction than a drop down menu while you run it out of a streamlined user interface – the chat app.

The startup Gone is trying to become the next eBay or Etsy. Its app is intended to help you sell unwanted items by taking a picture of the item, inputting some information, getting a quote and scheduling someone to take it away. And you start the process by sending a text to their app server. A number of financial apps like Digit use SMS to help people track spending, make purchases and encourage saving.


Secure text messaging is a necessity as companies start using it more and more for business communications. Chat apps allow companies to market to customers in a low cost, personalized method with better results than email marketing. Chat apps are turning into entire application ecosystems using the chat app as the natural interface for all of the functions. And chat apps are evolving into personal digital assistants talking to both people and other apps on our behalf.