Going Mobile: Different Ways Businesses Can Benefit from Mobile Apps

Thanks to mobile technology – and today’s mobile devices being more capable than ever – a lot of information and services that used to be available exclusively on desktop computers can now be accessed from anywhere. This has sparked a new trend of employees choosing to work remotely while remaining effective. It is also not uncommon for companies to move their operations to the cloud, allowing team members to stay connected no matter where they are.

The shift towards mobile apps and mobile UX is also proving to be beneficial for the companies incorporating these new technologies. These are some of the ways businesses can benefit from providing employees with mobile tools.

Better Sales Workflow

In the old days, going on a visit to a client’s office meant preparing everything beforehand; this included making presentations and bringing any supporting material to the meeting. The sales visit didn’t always end in a deal either, because sales officers often need to discuss the negotiated terms with their superiors before any decision can be made.

Today, systems such as SalesForce are enabling real-time collaboration between sales officers in the field and decision makers at the office. In fact, every member of the sales team can participate in real-time and contribute to the success of a deal no matter where they are.

Similar systems are also available for those who are doing direct selling, particularly retail companies who need to handle customer orders in a timely manner. Everyone from the person in charge at the warehouse to delivery men can access the same cloud-based system and add updates at every part of the sales process.

Remote Working at Its Best

Even the most established Enterprise Resource Planning systems such as SAP are now offering mobile interface for easy access from remote locations. Managers can monitor the progress of internal projects every step of the way using nothing but a mobile device and a working internet connection.

SAP in particular is making their SAP Fiori RDS more accessible to clients, which means small and large companies alike can bring their SAP-based management system to mobile devices without a problem. Other ERP solutions are offering the same solution, but SAP’s Fiori is the most advanced and comprehensive solution to date.

Remote working enables every member of the team, from top management to officers in the field, to stay connected. Updates, documents and a wealth of other information can be stored in the cloud to tie everything together.

Digital Transactions

Mobile systems are no longer limited to information sharing. Today, the best systems enable team members to verify and approve parts of the workflow using a credible signature system. Digital transactions open up more doors for mobile working, from the ability to approve decisions to real-time monetary transactions and purchase orders.

All of these features are available on the most basic Android and iOS mobile devices. While it is still the norm to bring a laptop for remote working, employees and team members can now rely on their smartphones and tablets to perform just as effectively no matter where they are.