Yes, future homes will be greener

Remember when every movie about the 21st century had us driving flying cars and commanding household robots?

We often expect the future to be vastly different from our current lives, but it often fails to live up to our glamorous expectations. After all, we’re still driving gas-guzzlers and loading the dishwasher ourselves, right?

According to a recent National Association of Home Builders study, energy efficiency is a top priority for future homeowners. As we watch climate change affects spread across the planet, it’s easy to see that maintaining comfort and affordability while providing a safe harbor from catastrophic weather events will be of equal concern.

In the infographic below, we can see that future homes will likely have efficient technologies built right in. Roofs will come solar-ready, LEDs will be standard issue, and sustainably-harvested materials a must. But this is only one vision of how our future dwellings might be built. What do you expect homes to look like 20 years from now?

* Beth Buczynski