Jurassic Park 4 finally has a director

A fourth Jurassic Park movie has been in the works for some time now, and it’s a trip to think the groundbreaking first installment is now twenty years old.

Not only was the first Jurassic Park a groundbreaking movie for CGI technology, but it also took Michael Crichton up a whole new level as a “mega author.” 

Producer Kathleen Kennedy was working on the fourth Jurassic Park before she went to work tending the Star Wars empire, but she told Collider the right script had to be in place before another Park movie got made. Apparently the script, written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) has indeed passed the test, and now a director has been picked: Colin Trevorrow.

Trevorrow is the director of Safety Not Guaranteed, a well-received indie film about someone placing a classified ad looking for a companion in time traveling. Right before this announcement was made, Drew McWeeny, who wrote for Aint-It-Cool-News for years, wrote a story headlined, “Will Steven Spielberg Return to the Franchise to Direct Jurassic Park 4?”

This was more of an editorial piece where McWeeny speculated how cool it would be for Spielberg to come back, and it would indeed be cool if the big Spiel came back and delivered the kind of big, incredible blockbuster we know he can easily deliver. But the powers that be want someone new to the blockbuster world, and someone who can clearly give a well-known franchise a fresher take, which could definitely be very cool if it works out. 

Collider reports that Trevorrow is a big fan of Jurassic Park, so he’s definitely not some indie snob who thinks he’s too much of an artist to have fun with big dinosaurs. Giant Freakin Robot also reports that Trevorrow was rumored to direct the next Star Wars film before JJ Abrams got the job. 

The next Jurassic Park will be in, big surprise, 3D, and this announcement comes on the eve of the original Jurassic Park being reissued in 3D on April 5. So can the Jurassic Park franchise come back with fresh blood? Looking forward to finding out when Jurassic Park IV is out in theaters on June 13, 2014.