DeLorean electric car lightens the load

The resurrection of the once-iconic DeLorean Motor Company brand is creeping forward.

In the latest news, the company announced it is teaming up with California-based electric vehicle (EV) designer Epic EV to manufacture the body chassis of the all-new electric Delorean. Epic EV has a wide range of electrics in its stable, including a boat and an all-terrain vehicle.

The new DeLorean, tagged the DMCEV, will feature a lightweight composite body when it hits the streets sometime in 2012.

DeLorean says the new body is a resin-infused material designed to maximize strength and decrease the weight of this main chassis component.

In a statement, DeLorean said that the new chassis cuts about 200 pounds from the original’s all-aluminum body. The weight savings will allow for added battery capacity, providing the car with greater range.

DeLorean also confirmed the new materials significantly boost the safety of the vehicle, with greater roof-crush and side-impact strength, and enhanced overall durability.

In addition to the the structural improvements, the company noted that original vintage Deloreans could be retrofitted with the new composite frames.

”It was important for the DMCEV to not just have an advanced drivetrain but to also decrease the weight and improve the safety of these new vehicles,” explained DeLorean CEO Stephen Wynne. 

“We had aggressive targets for this new body structure and Epic EV exceeded those by a wide margin. We can’t wait to provide our customers with new DMCEV’s that utilize this new advanced composites technology and the fact that the original DeLorean cars can also be retrofitted with this new composite body structure further broadens the appeal.”

Steve Duda, EarthTechling