Logitech Revue gets Google TV update

Let’s file this one under too little, too late.

The Logitech Revue has just been updated to give users the latest version of Google TV, but it comes after the Revue product line has been killed by Logitech.

For those who did happen to buy the set-top device, though, you’ll be automatically prompted to download the latest update.

Google TV 2.0 adds a sleeker, less confusing interface and a stronger algorithm for searching fot TV content. In addition, it finally opens up the Android Market to the TV platform, allowing select apps designed for Android phones and tablets to be executable on the big screen.

Google TV has had a clunky history so far. It launched to much fanfare late last year, with the software embedded into select Sony HDTVs and the Logitech Revue.

After dismal review, though, Google prevented any other companies from discussing their Google TV plans with the media. When the 2.0 update launched for Sony TVs last month, Google became a bit more optimistic and there have been rumors of new Google TV announcements at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show.

The biggest issue for Google is trying to convince users that Google TV is more powerful than the existing Internet-connected TV platforms already built-in to the high-end lines from companies like Samsung and Panasonic. So far, it has been unable to do that.