3DS can now record 3D video

Nintendo has rolled out a firmware update for the 3DS right in time for the big holiday season.

The device’s new internal software comes a little over a week after its initial schedule, but it came earlier than expected after Nintendo announced a delay.

The biggest new feature for the system is the ability to record 3D video. Up until this point, the system was only capable of capturing still 3D photos.

Another significant addition to the glasses-free 3D console is the ability to accept downloadable content (DLC) after a game has been released. The feature, already common to those who own a PSP, PS3, or Xbox 360, means developers can add new levels, character, in-game items, or other content to an existing title and charge users for each individual download.

Not to be outdone, this latest update also adds a couple minor features related to the 3DS’s online connectivity. First, a new “Nintendo Zone” platform gives users special content access when connected to certain WiFi hotspots, and second, there are a slew of new accomplishments in “StreetPass” mode, which encourages players to keep their device on at all times and lets them know if they happen to pass another 3DS owner on the street or wherever else they may happen to be.

This update is no doubt a push to bring more holiday-shopping attention to the 3DS, which has to date suffered in sales. The system’s $250 launch price – higher than any other Nintendo handheld – and a lack of strong launch titles led to a very muted debut but Nintendo is expecting a much bigger presence for the end-of-year shopping season.