TOP-5 the Most Necessary Programs for Windows

At the moment, Windows operating system competes with such popular solutions as Android and iOS. Nevertheless, Windows is still in demand. Let’s see what programs are absolutely indispensable when working with this OS.

Programs for Windows You Need

Google Chrome browser.

Chrome is the default browser on many Android devices, as well as Chromebooks. It is also indispensable on desktops with the Windows operating system, as it has a number of significant advantages. Chrome supports a huge number of useful extensions that complement its functions. It is also cross-platform and synchronizes user’s data with mobile devices. In addition, developers quickly implement support for all modern technologies. You can easily download this necessary tool nowadays.


This program is necessary if you need to download a large program, a movie or another array of information. Of course, you can always download anything via Google Chrome, however this method will be tedious with a large amount of data or a slow Internet connection. For these purposes, there are other applications that quickly download files of any size and are not afraid of connection problems. uTorrent combines high speed and rich functions for setting up downloads.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus.

Good antivirus for Windows will not be superfluous. Antivirus solutions from companies such as Kaspersky Lab have free products that provide the necessary level of protection.

Skype Messenger.

Comments are superfluous when it comes to one of the most popular means of communication on the web. We kindly recommend that you also do not stand aside and download this program right now. This will allow you to always keep in touch with your friends and family. Moreover, recently Skype is widely used for work and business. Thanks to its cross-platformity and ease of use, this messenger does not lose its popularity. Its main functions such as messaging and calls directly through Skype are free, which is also a plus.

Google Drive.

This technology replaced the standard suite of Microsoft Office. In general, it is not necessary to use it at home, but at work it is absolutely indispensable. Its first and foremost advantage is that the data is stored every second. You no longer need to be afraid of losing your information, for example, because the electricity was turned off. The second plus is the ability to share and edit the document by several people at the same time.This makes this technology demanded in the work of large companies, where employees need a constant and rapid exchange of information.

Hope this list would be helpful for you in choosing best programs and applications for your PC!