Beware of These Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles have a reputation for causing a high number of accidents, many of them leading to fatalities. Certain guidelines need to be followed to make sure that you are riding safely on a motorbike. Motorcycles are particularly dangerous as the rider is going at a speed that is comparable to cars and other vehicles, but they do not have the same enforcement and structures that keep drivers of those vehicles safe. Upon collision, the motorcyclist is exposed directly to the harsh conditions of the road. Motorcycles are also smaller vehicles and much less visible, especially at night. These are some of the most common reasons for motorcycle collisions and accidents:

Driving under the influence

This is one of the leading causes of all sorts of road accidents. Riding a motorbike is no different. When going out on the road, no matter how short a distance, always remember to stay sober. Even a single drink can hamper your ability to make split-second judgments. Drugs such as marijuana can alter your reaction time and slow down your actions, which can cost you greatly if you get into an accident. You are also more likely to get pulled over as a motorcyclist, so it is always a good idea to stay under the legally permissible blood alcohol content limit.

Switching lanes without looking carefully

A large portion of motorcycle accidents are caused by carelessly switching lanes. The temptation to do so might be great if you are a small, fast vehicle, but inexperienced riders often misjudge the distance when switching lanes and get into collisions. Always look for cars coming from the left, and be extra careful when you are about to turn a corner. Remember that many vehicles cannot see you if you are in their blind spot. Avoid driving between lanes of traffic or sharing your lane with any other vehicle.


This is another common cause of road accidents. Unfortunately, all vehicles speed, but motorcycle riders are more at risk from speeding. Make sure to always wear a helmet and full protective gear while riding. Speeding can be even more dangerous if the weather conditions are not ideal. Immediately after it rains, your bike is at risk of hydroplaning. Also, make sure that you have proper tires for when it snows and that you are wearing proper warm clothing if you are going to be exposed for a long time. Speeding makes it easier to lock the front brake when you might need to brake in an emergency. Always practice braking at high speeds before heading to the highway.

Motorcycle accidents happen most of the time, which is why the driver needs to drive extra defensively while on the road. In case of an accident, Salt Lake City has a number of motorcycle accident lawyers who are expert in these cases, and they can help you figure out what the best next steps are. You should contact a lawyer immediately if you get into an accident, whoever may be at fault.