BusPatrol Explain How Technology Can Benefit the Inside of the Bus and Reduce Bullying

While dangers on the road are of serious concern to parents and school administrators, student behavior inside the bus also needs to be monitored. Unfortunately, there is an epidemic of bullying on school buses, fueled by the relatively unsupervised environment and the fact that the bus driver may have difficulty monitoring up to 70 children at the same time.

BusPatrol can help administrators and drivers reduce the amount of bullying that goes on inside a school bus. Through a range of up-to-date technologies, bus drivers and school departments will be able to keep tabs on students and create an undeniable record of the activity on the bus.

Bullying Epidemic as Explained by BusPatrol

90 percent of all students in grades 4 through 8 report having been bullied or harassed. 28 percent of students in grades 6 through 12 have experienced bullying. Up to 160,000 students each day refuse to attend school due to their fear of being bullied. Since children can spend up to 90 minutes a day on the bus, it follows that there are many opportunities for bullying behavior to happen there.

The prevalence of bullying in our schools can be traced back to behavioral influences in the bully’s life. Bullies often feel powerless in their own lives due to the way their parents treat them. A parent or family member’s personal issues like alcoholism and mental illness can also lead a child to feel helpless. Bullies then take their negative feelings out on the children around them.

School bullies are frequently bullied themselves, causing them to lash out against others. Jealousy and frustration can also cause a bully to target a particular student. This is especially related to the bullied child’s academic performance or any talents the child may have.

Monitoring Bus Behavior

In order to combat bullying, BusPatrol firmly believes it is necessary to monitor behavior on the bus. This can be challenging because most school districts do not place adult monitors on school buses to discipline children. When the bus driver is left alone to both drive the bus safely and manage behavior issues, this can lead to problems.

Fortunately, advanced camera applications like that produced by BusPatrol are able to help drivers and school administrators quickly identify the aggressor and pinpoint the behavior that has occurred. These advanced camera systems have HD video capabilities and give administrators an excellent view of the bullying behavior.

When there are video records of the behavior, the “he said, she said” problem that often accompanies school bullying is greatly decreased. Parents and students alike feel more secure when video recordings are made on the bus. Many parents of bullies are in denial about their children’s problems and showing them a clear video of the child engaged in the behavior may give them insights on how to deal with their children.

Stop-Arm Camera Systems – BusPatrol

In addition to the onboard monitoring system, BusPatrol offers a stop-arm camera system. The stop-arm comes down when the red flashing lights and stop signs are activated. The cameras are able to take high-resolution video of people who disobey the stop-arm and flashing lights, putting children’s lives in danger. Using this video against irresponsible drivers can lead to better compliance with the law.

Monitoring the Bus is Vital

Monitoring behavior inside the bus can be enhanced by the use of modern technology. While bus cameras are not able to stop a behavior in progress, they can lead to discipline by school officials and a deterrent of future bullying. When technology companies partner with bus companies, they can work together to protect all children on the bus and make their ride to school safer.