How to Select a Virtual Office Provider in London

London is probably one of the greatest places in the World to do business. As a result, many startup entrepreneurs, freelancers or even established companies are opting for virtual offices in London to expand or develop their businesses. Besides taking the pressure off your life, Virtual offices come with other multiple advantages. They provide the right environment to enhance your productivity, impress your clients professionally, meet new clients or collaborators, open new business opportunities and cost saving. They are also ideal for home-based business people who don’t feel comfortable sharing their home addresses for official matters. The trick lies in finding the right virtual office for your company. Interestingly, all virtual office providers in London are not the same in terms of what they offer to their clients.

Here are tips on how to select a virtual office provider in London;


The physical address of your preferred virtual office provider in London should exude a high level of prestige you wish your business to be associated with. An ideal Virtual office should be located within a business hub to help you develop your company effectively. It is imperative to select a virtual office whose location reflects your inspirations. A prestigious location should be accessible for your employees, clients and visitors. It should also have good security and infrastructures. In other simpler terms, you should pick a virtual office that is within a reasonable proximity to that of your potential markets and clients.

Professionally trained personnel

A good virtual office provider in London should have professionally trained personnel such as receptionists and virtual office manager among others. The good thing about selecting a virtual office with professionally trained staff is that you will never have to worry about having your clients harassed when they call or visit. Avoid virtual office providers who have a preference for outsourced call center staff to enjoy peace of mind whenever your clients call. The beauty of professionally trained staff is that they conduct themselves as per the required work ethics making it easy for you to do business effectively.

Value for money

Search for a virtual office provider that offers services you deem as necessary to help you take your business to the next level of excellence. The services offered should conform to your needs effortlessly. Some of the services provided in virtual offices include; a dedicated telephone number, call answering in your company’s name, voice mail service, call recording, receptionist and registered office address among many others. To find a virtual office provider who gives you value for your money, consider comparing a vast collection of quotes from different companies before making your final decision.

High quality meeting rooms

As an entrepreneur, you should pick a virtual office with high-quality meeting rooms to conduct your private business meetings with your clients or staff. Some virtual office providers in London actually provide hot desks to make it easy for you to meet with investors or clients’ .It is prudent to ensure that you make the right impression to your clients by choosing to work with professional virtual office providers. Consider checking out the meeting rooms in each virtual office company you visit to see whether it’s up to the required standards before making up your mind.

Think of inspecting the Premises

Make sure you inspect the premises of your potential virtual office to ensure that it creates the right perception you wish your company to portray to your clients. Remember that the building where your virtual office is located will be the first thing your clients will see. The first impression really matters as far as commercial buildings are concerned. Consider the style, design, and age of the building, internal presentation such as furniture, decoration, elevators and waiting area facilities. Be attentive to the front desk staff’s attitude and presentations as well. Never hesitate to walk out of premises you feel will not give the right image to your business.


When selecting a virtual office provider, consider checking the proposed contract’s terms and conditions extensively. Make sure you settle for a virtual office company whose contract offers your business the required flexibility to grow and develop. Some contracts may require you to give an upfront deposit, exit fees, complimentary membership or luxury business lounges networks all over the UK while others offer less. You should check out for additional benefits being offered in your contract before signing it.

Bespoke services

Most virtual office providers in London have different ways of doing business. Some of them offer one size fits all packages to their clients while others go to an extra mile by offering customized packages. Well; it is wise to select a virtual office provider who offers bespoke services which are tailored to meet all your business needs effectively. It is worth noting that all businesses have varying needs which a one size fits all package may not cover.


Consider embracing the above tips to find the right virtual office for your company.