What is Tubemate and How to use it?

Tubemate is an app made by Devian Studios for those people who love to watch YouTube videos. Tubemate does not only allow you to watch YouTube videos but it also allows you to download them to your PC or mobile Android device.

This way you can download your favorite YouTube videos and watch them later in places where you have limited internet access, like on train to work. Or maybe you just want to save on your data package, as a lot of us have already experienced, watching videos online can really use up a load of Gigabytes.


Tubemate uses fast download technology to download your chosen videos in the background, so you can use your device for other things during the process. You have the option to download in different formats, 3gp to Full HD. Even if the internet connection is disconnected you can still resume the download later from wherever you left off.

There is also the option to convert video files to Mp3 format. Tubemate supports different resolutions like 1920×1080(Full-HD) on the Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S2 and PC, 1280×720(HD) for high-end devices, 640×360 for general devices, 320x240p for low-end devices and 640×360, 854×480(FLV) for Android 2.1 and over. But the available options depend on the quality of the video that is originally uploaded to YouTube and also the compatibility of your device.

How to Use Tubemate?

First step is to download the app Tubemate for Android . After the app is downloaded, you need to open the app and it will take you directly to YouTube. You can search for the videos which you like or download any of the available videos.

Tubemate will ask you to select the desired format and after choosing, the app will start downloading the chosen video to your device. You can later move it to different location or transfer the file to another memory source. Now with the content saved you can watch it whenever you want, with or without an internet connection.

Furthermore, TubeMate allows you to download videos from other sources as well, such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vuclip, Metacafe etc. There is also a search bar from where you can easily search for a specific video that you might want to watch or download. After you have downloaded the videos you can easily share them with your friends or family via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Buzz or any other messenger.

Tubemate Pros

1. It is free.

2. You can browse YouTube videos directly.

3. TubeMate can download videos faster with its multiple connecting features.

4. TubeMate allows you to pause the download anytime you want.

5. TubeMate enables you to download the videos in 240p, 720p and higher.

6. You can convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio files.

Tubemate Cons

1. Can be difficult to download certain videos at times.

2. TubeMate needs you to install Media converter to download high quality videos.

3. The app crashes sometimes during downloading.

4. Users sometimes find that they cannot download videos with high speed.


Tubemate is an easy to use and free app, that will definitely find its fans. Make sure you download it from a trustworthy source.