How Technology Advancements Are Impacting Your Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is drastically changing our day-to-day lives. Many people underestimate or fail to recognize how detrimental a strong online reputation and presence is to their success in various aspects of life, like one’s education or career. In fact, more and more hiring managers are taking interests in a candidate’s online reputation and even consider it when making hiring decisions. A poor representation of oneself online can lead to others developing negative perceptions of that person and could jeopardize their chances of benefiting from any potential opportunities. Managing your online reputation can be irritating due to the constant changes in online trends and advancements made with technology. The strategies and tactics that may have worked initially for your brand may not necessarily be what works for it after a few weeks or months. Stay proactive and vigilant with your online reputation management efforts. Try to make adjustments as needed. As intimidating as this may make your online reputation management efforts seem, there are several reasons as to why you should take the initiative in setting up a strong strategy and begin looking into different tactics.

The ongoing technological advancements may be arguably one of the most prominent forces effecting online reputation management today. Brands need to be able to adapt and adopt these changes in order to succeed within their respective industries. Technology has helped to make managing online reputations seem more appealing. The countless benefits that technology has introduced to businesses that struggle with reputation issues are impressive. Some businesses may fear change and find it troubling to adapt to such major changes that impact their organizations. By exploring just a few of the key improvements that technology has presented organizations with, you’ll be able to see the opportunities that your brand can benefit from by integrating technology into your business operations.

One of the ways that technology serves as an asset to your brand is how it can instantly connect you to your customers. By accustoming your brand to the digital side of business, you’re able to open up a two-way communication with your customers. Social media platforms and other online forums allow for customers to reach out to your brand and for you to communicate back with them. You’re able to have a conversation with customers and display a different side of your business in order to establish a more human connection. This will help your customers get to know your brand more intimately. It will also allow you to demonstrate new dimensions of your brand that aren’t commonly put on display.

Customers have grown accustomed to seeing behind the scenes of their favorite brands through their social network accounts. Brands that neglect to create accounts for themselves and make their business accessible through these major sites are harshly criticized and sometimes punished in the form of negative reviews from consumers. Customers want to be able to find your brand online, if need be. According to, an estimated 88% of businesses are using social media sites as a form of marketing. Businesses who include social media platforms as a channel to promote themselves do much better than those that shy away from the evolution of technology and online reputation management.