How Instagram Video Views Help Video Marketers?

Social media has been one of the most influential things in past several years. You will forget to have food but it is impossible to forget checking Facebook notifications. It surely has taken online socialization to another degree but that’s not enough. Businesses are widely getting reliant on social media platforms to enhance their digital visibility. Using such mediums can give a competitive edge over other companies by evolving your marketing strategies in a positive manner.

Instagram has played an important role in boosting businesses in the past few years, especially after recent updates. Its user-base is proliferating at a swift rate which is a positive indication for all the businesses out there especially those that are highly dependent on online platforms.

Marketing is a significant aspect of business. With the development of technology, the concept itself is revolutionized. Digital marketing is a necessity in this era. Instagram is an effective means of doing so. It just started as an image-sharing application where people used to post about their daily life routines. Who knew that it would get this important for marketers? It used visual content, specifically images to market the products and services. This also increased customer engagement levels. Marketers were further supplemented by addition of video feature in the social media giant.

Instagram marketing has always been a challenging task. Infusion of video sharing opportunities made a big difference in the potential for advertising. Mobile video is regarded as one of the most important format today to advertise your products and unquestionably its improving positively. Here are some ways in which this can be beneficial:

  • Sharing longer videos allow the marketers to emotionally connect with their audience. You can directly shoot the video from Instagram or upload it from your library. The features allow you customize your video content by adding filters. The recent changes enables more sharing ultimately more video-marketing.
  • Engagement levels are increased. Videos are an ideal way to interact with customers on regular basis. This further helps to promote your visibility. The traffic that comes through this channel is highly engaged.
  • Business can be promoted through video content. People like to view creative content. Instagram tools can help enable you to do so. Promotion of your brand will lead towards more sales.

Instagram has introduced a new view count feature as well. This is in line with other video giants like YouTube. Previously, only likes and comments were displayed which surely is an important metric but with some limitations. Likes and comments are not a complete reflection of video’s popularity. Adding view counts underneath video has now provided additional benefits to video marketers. Views are the most anticipated form of feedback on a video.

View counts have provided an ideal means for brand marketers for improvement. Instagram already had number of evaluation tools for measurement of metrics like reach and engagement. View counts have further supplemented it by making it easier to track the success of videos. You can even keep a look on other brands, including your competitors like YouTube.

Moreover, the brands now have the ability of better assessment of video consumption. The new Instagram’s move is designed to trigger video ad business as well. Instagram marketers can even buy video ads with a longer length. It is crystal clear that video marketers can now find influencers with a wide reach and an aptitude for creating video content that echoes.


Brands now have an easy way to analyze their video consumption activity across Instagram which directly impacts their marketing strategies and enlarges the room for improvement.