How Best to Bang your Face

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror with a pair of scissors in your hands and a look of longing in your eyes? For bangs, that is. A nod to the seventies perhaps, but bangs on your face can actually bring out the best of your looks. It all depends on two things: the shape of your face, and how it’s done. This is not an article on DIY bangs, even if you are brave enough to go solo with the scissors. This is all about the right bangs for your face shape. Desire will not always translate into a great look, so be smart, know what suits you, and choose bangs for your face that will up your confidence. Self-consciousness is not a look that anyone is after.

Round face

If you’ve been blessed with a cherubic face, and by that, I mean round, you want to avoid bangs that are dead straight. All that will do is give you a fuller looking face. Get your stylist to cut your bangs at an angle, and sweep them to the side. A side parting in this case is key. Keep them as thick as possible too as you want to balance out the roundness of your face. Who to look at for inspiration? None other than the award show darling of 2017, Emma Stone. Christina Ricci is another round facer who you can google.

Long face

Do you have a long face, but happy heart? In this case, remember to keep your bangs long too. Layer them to feather your face. This will reduce the appearance of a longer face and accentuate your eyes in the process. Whatever you do, don’t choose shorter bangs thinking that’ll make your face seem shorter. It won’t. it’ll do the opposite. Fashion darling, Alexa Chung, knows that well-cut bangs flatter her face.

Heart-shaped face

Using a side parting, have your bangs layered to bring out your eyes. Your stylist will know that if they are cut at an angle from the eyebrow to the top of your cheekbone (left or right – your call), it’ll be at the right level on your beautiful face to make the most of it. Reese Witherspoon’s face is the perfect heart-shaped example.

Oval face

Whatever your heart desires for your face, you may bang it in any way you please. Your oval-shaped face is perfect for bangs. If you are going rogue at home with the scissors, start long and work your way up until you’re happy. Ask your stylist to do the same if you fancy experimenting with different bang looks. Lea Michele has an oval face, and wears her bangs well – so can you!

Square face

In opposition to the long face, the square face wants thick, heavy bangs that end up just past your eyebrow. Straight, side, or middle parting bangs look lovely on you. The only No-No in your book is the short bang style. It doesn’t, and won’t do you any favours, no matter how many filters you may use, or glasses of wine you drink. Take a look at Nicole Richie to see how to dress your square face.

If you really don’t know what shape your face is, and you don’t know what to do, I’d say buy wigs, and experiment a different style of bang with each wig. This is slightly costly and time-consuming, but it can be fun (especially if done with friends – wine optional), and you’ll get a good idea of how the look might suit you.