Developing a chat bot – It’s not a tough job.

The world is moving pretty fast and the corporate world has seen constant innovations in almost all the fields. Artificial intelligence or AI has gained prominence and most small business owners are banking on it to gain a fresh perspective on their growth targets. However, this is not a fad as AI is bringing revolutionary changes to every aspect of the modern world. It is not easy to start implementing AI in your plans and chat bots are an interesting way to do so. Let us find out more about how you can develop chat bots within your budget and hence reach out to your consumer.

Two types of bots which can be developed

  1. Bots created for use in own apps- Suitable for businesses which have many users already these bots are created within apps to encourage customer app interaction. These involve bots which perform a specific function like helping to make an online purchase or look around for places to stay.
  2. Bots functioning within messengers- Incorporated in messaging bots they are helpful for small businesses which have just forayed into the market. Quite affordable to create they provide answers to your customer’s queries and are valuable with regards to problem-solving.

How a chat bot responds?

Most chatbots respond to a customer on the basis of the text messages they receive. However, there are two ways by which they clearly understand the customer’s requirement.

  • Responding only to strict messages– These bots have a limited amount of exposure and they would respond only to very specific inputs made. In case something else is entered they show a clear inability to respond.
  • Natural Language processing- These bots rely on machine learning and can talk to you like a normal human. You just have to speak to them about your requirement and promptly the answer will be displayed.

Tools used to create chat bots

  • A programming service- The ideal requirement is of a service which helps you create your own chatbot and that too with latest technologies. There are software’s that can be used to build a bot in any programming language possible. Once the bot is created it is quite convenient to get it incorporated into your app using a service known as ALaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a service).
  • Noncoding service- These are helpful in creating chat bot building services and are extremely personal in responses. There are multiple software’s which allow chatbot creation using a graphiscal user interface. There is no coding required and all information is maintained exclusively by the developer.

When these bots become popular enough they would be able to help the customer to do all kinds of tasks ranging from scheduling meetings to ordering lunch. If your business has already taken the services of a chat bot then be assured that you would be soon on the trajectory of success. In the coming years using Google search for any requirement would be a thing of the past. Everything will be handled by these bots listening to instructions from the users. It is advisable to adapt to AI in order to stay ahead in the competitive scenario and chat bots are the perfect way to do so.