Indian startup Creo introduces the Mark 1 Smartphone: Things To Know

Everyone is buying a smartphone these days. You get many cores, high storage space and bigger RAM memory as well. But what gets left behind in all this is the software that comes in tow. Which is where companies like Cyanogen have played their role in offering quality software for smartphones that stand out from the regular.

And now, it’s time that consumers get a taste of Android in a different avatar with Creo. The company, previously known as Tewee, is making its plunge into the competitive mobile market in India with the promise of quality software.

The company will mark its first public appearance with its unamed software that will be seen running on the Creo Mark 1 smartphone. In all probability, the phone will be pegged as a mid-range device, priced around the Rs 15,000 ($230) price point.

Time For Android to Come Good

Over the years, Android’s presence in the global market has grown manifold, but the lack of consistency has been a cause for concern. Google’s fragmented model of Android has resulted in the popular mobile OS being available in different flavours, something that has been part of Linux’s legacy with PCs.

But most phones stagnate on the Android version they were originally shipped with.

Same old Android for users

  • 72 percent of Android smartphone do not get updated to new version.
  • Android distribution highlights the plight of software, as most devices are still running either 4.4 KitKat or 5.0 Lollipop version.
  • Shelf-life of Android version is much longer than iOS which efficiently reaches the previous version of devices quickly.

Promise of a New Android

This is where Creo claims and promises to offer a new Android beginning. The company will offer monthly software updates to its devices.

Their customized version of Android will offer features that have been part of iOS for many years but never made it to Android for whatever reason. Users will be able to browse through their phone via a Spotlight-like feature and get hold of all types of files.

And that’s not all – the company also hopes to give users a Stock Android-like interface which is light on usage and offers a worthwhile experience. More than the phone, we’re excited to see the much-hyped Android in question. If the OS is close to what Creo promises, then the product itself should make up for the rest.