Oxecam: a health monitoring camera

Hanwha Techwin, the manufacturer of Samsung branded video

surveillance solutions, and Oxehealth, the

developer of contact-free health monitoring software, are joining forces to make a camera

based health monitoring system.

The technology developed by Oxehealth uses standard digital cameras to “read” and extract vital signals.

At the moment they have successfully managed to monitor heart rate and breathing rate, they are hoping to be able to extract blood oxygenation, blood pressure and temperature soon.

The main application is for prisons and healthcare institutions, with elderly homecare and baby monitoring also being considered.

Samsung branded cameras, working in harmony with Oxehealth contact-free

health monitoring software, presents police, mental health institutions and

prisons with the opportunity to remotely measure the movement, heart rate and

breathing of detainees and patients.

The solution has been successfully trialed by UK police and mental health

organisations, and with worldwide increasing awareness of the need for early

intervention measures in order to reduce deaths in custody, Hanwha Techwin

and Oxehealth will jointly be globally promoting a solution that quickly

alerts supervising staff to any sudden, dramatic change in a detainee’s


It is interesting technology and somewhat scary, I have no doubt that a lot of people are thinking out hundreds of ways to use it in the security sector. And in the future Facebook will automatically update your mood and Google will know exactly what gets you “excited”, presenting you with even better search results.

You can get a picture of how the technology works in the video below