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An insatiable desire for success is not necessarily a bad thing, but it certainly has a tendency to bring out the worst in people, and even businesses. In today’s dog-eat-dog world, the concepts of morality, ethicality, and even legality seem to be fading fast, with an increasing number of businesses deploying underhand tactics like corporate espionage to snatch a share of the market from their rivals. In this time of fierce competition where all business rules and ethics seem to have been thrown out the window, your business could very well be the next target of corporate espionage. Failing to detect or prevent it can obviously deal you a heavy setback, or perhaps even bury it six feet under. With the advent of web-connected mobile technology and its growing prevalence in the corporate world, you’ve got even more reason to be concerned about the safety of your business and its sensitive data. Fortunately, all is not doom and gloom, as hope still exists in guise of Mobistealth, a computer and mobile monitoring solution. Making use of the latest innovations in spying technology, it is built to level the playing field by empowering you through its powerful features to guard your business against whatever sneaky espionage tactics your competitors may have deployed. Let’s quickly explore the many features of this software and their role in defending your business against data leakage and other threats characteristic of corporate espionage.

Monitoring Mobile Communications

Smartphones and internet connectivity are common in the workplace nowadays, and although they may have an integral role to play in the smooth running of operations, they also open up the door to stealing and leakage of sensitive information. Your employees can always use traditional texting and emails, or go for the more contemporary channels like instant messaging services, e.g. WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Skype, etc. to deliver the information to a competitor. Mobistealth knows the worth of protecting company secrets and that is exactly why it lets you closely monitor all mobile communications, including texting, emails, instant messaging chats, and even calls, in case your employees are communicating with their hidden clients the old-fashioned way. Since the monitoring is done discreetly and remotely, you don’t have to worry about raising suspicion and alerting the corporate spy.

Logging Keystrokes and Capturing Screenshots

While the Mobistealth monitoring solution gives you sight of your employees’ computer and mobile communications, it takes an extra bit of precaution by logging their keystrokes and periodically capturing screenshots. Although the two features are only available for computer, they’re pretty useful nevertheless as they serve to ensure that there are no dark passages left for the information to be leaked through. You get to know what your employees are exactly typing, and what they’re exactly looking at on their computers. If they ever thought they’d be able to sneak into the confidential areas of the server without getting detected and save the information somewhere and later send it to their secret client, then they sure will be in for a big surprise.

Logging Web Activities

Sometimes, the modus operandi of corporate spies deviate from the conventional methodology, thus allowing them to stay under the radar. They carefully plan everything out to ensure that they don’t raise any kind of alarm. Catching these undercover spies is a challenge as they’re slippery as a banana peel, but no matter how good a spy is, it always leaves a clue behind. You just need to know where to look. One good measure in this regard is to closely follow their digital tracks and keep a watch on the kind of websites they’ve been visiting lately. Is there something extremely conspicuous about their browsing history? Have they started using a lesser known mailing service? Are they heading to websites that have got absolutely nothing to do with their line of work, yet are very relevant to your business and its line of work? These signs may be very hazy, and might not always be precise, but if you continue to remain vigilant and remain relentless in your efforts, you might eventually notice something unusual, or discover a pattern that is fishy. And that is exactly where Mobistealth comes in handy, as it is capable of delivering you a complete list of URLs visited by your employees. You don’t need to manually check the browser history of the computer or smartphone in their use, as the details are made available to you online.

Tracking Location and Recording Surrounding Sounds

Sooner or later, corporate spies are bound to meet their hidden client in person. And chances are that when they do meet, they will be carrying their smartphones. Now wouldn’t it be great if you could just somehow know which of your employees has been secretly holding meetings with your competitor and what they’ve been discussing? As it so happens, Mobistealth boasts just the features to make this possible. Not only does it keep you updated on the current location of your employees, it even has the ability to record the surrounding sounds, thus letting you hear the entire conversation between the corporate spies and whoever it is they’re serving. This sure sounds like something straight out of a spy flick, but that is precisely the sort of state-of-the-art technology that Mobistealth makes use of to assist you in safeguarding your business from the sneaky and slippery employees who draw their salary from you, but their loyalty lies elsewhere.

Making sure you use the software legally and ethically by staying within the limits of your local laws.