How to Choose the Best Topic for Your Essay

If you saw a list of possible topics for writing and were horrified, do not despair. Our article written in collaboration with Brainy Bro, will help you make a decision.

Tips to Choose the Most Appropriate Essay Topic

Written work is an intermediate indicator of the result of a student’s education in a higher or secondary school. The appropriate choice of a theme is extremely important. It needs to be done in such a way that to demonstrate your knowledge, practical skills, and qualities as a specialist in the most favorable light.

The choice of the theme is a very important stage. Carefully selected theme greatly simplify the process of writing a work, and an unsuccessful choice will only complicate your task! Do not delay the choice at the last moment. Otherwise, you risk getting the most difficult one, which all your fellow students refused!

Your essay should reveal the actual problem, and also introduce something new into the scientific environment to which the work relates. It could be the development of a new methodology suitable for modern people; also, it can be just certain information that is new and useful.

Top 7 Secrets of the Appropriate Choice

1. You should have at least a general idea of the chosen topic; if you have no knowledge of the theme you are interested in, read the relevant literature. Only after this, you can proceed to evaluate other criteria below.

2. The theme is chosen, taking into account the relevance; it is a rather vague concept and the topic can be relevant if the scientific literature has not yet analyzed all its aspects. Relevant topics will be devoted to the introduction of new technologies in the organization of accounting and pay at the enterprise. If the technology is new, few people have written about it and it is relevant. Relevant topics will be the theme of reforming the budgetary, or tax system (if reforms are being implemented at the moment), etc. By and large, everything over what makes sense to work can be relevant but if you doubt the relevance of the topic you like, consult with your teachers.

3. The theme should be interesting to you; this will strengthen the motivation, you will start to enjoy the work done!

4. It is important to choose the appropriate theme in terms of volume and already at the stage of choice, you must imagine the range of issues. Every time you consider a variant, ask the question: “Will I be able to reveal the theme within a certain number of words?”

5. If your choice will stop on a very narrow topic – it will be difficult to type the required number of words. If the theme is very voluminous – to squeeze everything into the limit without losing anything, during the writing, will be no less difficult task.

6. Access to information sources. Whatever topic is interesting for you, do not take it if there are only a couple of articles on the Internet and in the library that you can use. Always check the availability of quality material. After you finally decided on the choice, take a good book and carefully read all that relates to your subject, highlight the main points.

7. The methods of research available to you – methods of collecting information and conducting research are also important. In the work on economics, methods of analysis, coefficient method, and modeling are used. For students of the philological faculty, content analysis, a linguistic experiment, a biographical method, a dichotomy are more appropriate. Psychologists use questionnaires, interviews, scaling, ranking, conversation, observation.

Top 7 Mistakes That Students Make When Choosing an Essay Topic

1) Too beautiful and ornate name. It says that the theme is complex, little studied and very relevant. Maybe the professor will appreciate such a heroism, but are you able to reveal the essence of the declared topic?

2) Too broad a field of application, and in this situation, students simply “drown” in the literature, are confused and exceed the allowable volume.

3) Too narrow theme. That is, in access, there is little material on it that you need to carry out almost field research. Months and years will be needed only to study (and sometimes translate) primary sources. Try to find out is the topic you are interested in studied and described.

4) The theme in which you are poorly versed. Suppose your professor is a fan of information systems with fuzzy logic, and you are more interested in design, but to attract attention to the teacher, choose his specialization. In this situation, you will simply have a weak motivation to write a paper. Do not underestimate the power of motivation.

5) Too popular topic, within which already thousands of works are written, and if you do not have relatively fresh ideas and theories on this matter, then not to take such a theme. It will be difficult to prove the relevance and scientific novelty.

6) Boring topic – do not be lazy to find the one that will really be interesting to write work on. You yourself will be surprised at what results can be achieved with high motivation and a real curiosity about the issue under consideration, or with the realization that your work is not in vain and will really solve someone’s problem.

7) A theme similar to the theme of a classmate. It can be is a great success because if you find yourself at a standstill, you can ask your friend how his work is progressing, and draw by analogy. In this situation, the teacher can honestly ask you to give one evaluation for two of you. But if you have radically different opinions on this issue, it will be even interesting.

Summing Up

You should consider some universal rules. The theme should be narrow enough to be able to consider it more or less fully within the framework of a relatively small amount of work, but it should also be of sufficient importance to the researcher.

The choice of the topic should be within own competence since the topics are different in complexity. There are topics that are sufficiently researched, but there are also those, the study of which will require considerable effort and a great deal of time. After choosing a theme, the analysis is made of the state of development of the outlined problem by modern science.

It is very important to emphasize that it is you who should choose the topic and no one else. You can and even need to consult with tutors and something to improve, but nothing more, so before selecting a theme for the essay, read the suggested recommendations. They will guide you in the appropriate direction, with the least loss for your health, mentality and moral state.

Keep in mind that it is not worth to try to surprise anyone with your incredible achievements. It is better to show yourself as a future specialist with minimal time and effort in the aspect of the theme of the thesis, which is most accessible to you in all senses.