Health Benefits of Pancakes

Pancakes are the perfect breakfast treat being fluffy, light and absolutely comforting. Even though it doesn’t hold an identity of a health food, there are some nutrients that can be beneficial to health.

A single serving of pancake provides 520 calories, 14 grams fat, 90.9 grams carbohydrates, and 8.3 grams proteins. In a nutshell, it provides enough energy to operate effectively for the entire day. This is why platforms like pandekager must be consulted for pancake recipes.

Nevertheless, here are some of the most compelling health benefits of consuming pancakes:

Carb energy

As mentioned above, it is not surprising that eating pancakes means consuming a lot of carbs and this is the reason why it is loved so much. Carbohydrates act as body’s fuel making it an ideal source of energy. Whole-wheat pancakes are better options supplying fiber which helps in stabilization of blood sugar making individuals feel energized after consumption. However, all kinds of pancakes are ideal sources of carbohydrates making it an ideal dish for people who frequently engage themselves in strenuous tasks.

Source of iron

It is absolutely true that pancakes pump iron. About 3 milligrams of this vital mineral is served by whole-wheat pancakes which is about 38% of the iron that needs to be consumed daily. Buttermilk pancakes consists around 2 milligrams of iron. Similar to carbohydrates, iron plays an important role in provision of energy. It also oxygenates the tissues so the fuel is produced. It also helps in enhancing the functionality of immunity cells helping individuals to fight off diseases more effectively.


Pancake is not recognized as a bone-building food but surprisingly, it is an amazing source of calcium. Around 250 milligrams of calcium is provided in a serving of whole-wheat pancake which is about 25% of calcium needed for the day. Buttermilk pancakes provide 180 milligrams of calcium. It also helps in better functioning of muscles and nerves and also contributes in controlling the blood pressure. This is why calcium is considered as one of the most important nutrients our body need.

Watch out for sugar

As discussed above, pancakes are good for health. But there are additional ingredients as well that can make it unhealthy if added in excess. Pancake is incomplete without syrup but if it is poured in excessive quantities, then it is turned into a sugar bomb. A single serving of maple syrup consists of 12 grams of sugar. Pouring a quarter cup means 50 grams of sugar, and a lot of calories. This is definitely bad for your health as extra sugar is associated with obesity and heart diseases.

The bottom line

It is evident that pancakes are healthy if limited sugar is added. Syrup must be used sparingly in order to keep it healthy. Rather, natural sweetness can be added by using fresh fruits. Chunks of fresh peach or fresh sliced strawberries can be used as a topping to make sure it tastes good keeping it healthy at the same time.