First Top 10 Destinations to Travel in Europe in Summer

Summer is the time when everyone wants to travel to those places where the temperature is low so that they can stay away from heat waves and can enjoy their summers. Exploring European places are the good choice to enjoy in summer. There are so many attractive destinations in Europe. One can adore so many places in one continent. Here is the list of top 10 destinations in Europe:

1) Rome:

It is the destination where one can experience a different culture and there are so many historical buildings in Rome. One who loves art then, Rome is the best place for him. Moreover, most beautiful fountains from all over the world are in Rome. There is certain food which is available in Rome only.

2) Santorini, Greece:

The eye-catching sunsets in Santorini make it a most beautiful place to visit. For food lovers, it is the wonderful place. One can enjoy a different type of cuisines at this destination. For shopping reason also, many people visit this place. If a person wants to do a lot of shopping can buy MakeMyTrip coupons as well as Yatra coupons where so many discounts are available for various things.

3) Interlaken, Switzerland:

This destination is known for adventurous activities like jumping out of the plane, Kayaking, trekking around stunning mountains. It is the place of recreational activities. While doing so many interesting activities, one can relish nature over there. One can also get discount on many activities through MakeMyTrip coupons.

4) London:

One who loves to enjoy at night then London is the best destination. London nightlife is amazing and it is known for it all over the world. It is full of events like street art, musicals, theatre. One can also explore the World-Class British museum in London.

5) Paris:

It is the city of fashion. It is one of the places where beautiful parks and gardens are there. It is the place full of street stalls and cafes. One can also learn French history at this destination. It is the beautiful place to enjoy there with loved ones.

6) Logas, Portugal:

It is one of the cheap as well as a perfect place to visit. One who loves the beach can visit this place for an amazing view of nature as well. One can do outdoor activities like Golf. Historical monuments are there to get knowledge about history. One can also see wildlife in Logas Zoo.

7) Florence, Italy:

There are so many reasons to visit Florence. The lovely experience one can get while scrolling across the river. Festivals in Florence are celebrated with pomp and show throughout the year. There are so many restaurants where delicious food is served at very cheap rates. To enjoy food at cheap rates one can take Yatra coupons for food.

8) Prague:

It is one of the architectural places in Europe. The Old Town Square is the famous place in Prague. People who are beer lovers should visit this place. If you want to see opera, then one can go to National Theatre at this place. It is the place which is full of entertainment.

9) Amsterdam:

It is the place to visit with families. There are unlimited free things to do there. The nightlife at this destination is beautiful. Most interesting reason to go to this place is that there is no issue of a language barrier as everyone speaks English. One should eat Dutch food there which is very amazing.

10) Athens:

It is the place where the theatre was started. If you want to have fun on the whole day then, this place is best for you and you can also take benefits of MakeMyTrip coupons. Moreover, so many traditional things are there to buy. There are so many local shops for accessories, jewelry and things made of clay.