Live Video Chat with Social Media Celebrities—Who Are These New Celebs?

It’s actually rather easy these days to become a celebrity. In the old days, you have to be a really good actor or a really talented singer. In today’s Internet age, you can be just about anything and still have as much opportunity to be famous as the next guy. Once you’re considered a celebrity, then it’s easy enough to offer video chat sessions with your fans to make them happy. Now there’s already a technology that lets you do a live video chat with social media celebrities—which is sure going to thrill your fans!

So how do you become a celeb? Here are some quick and easy ways for you to achieve instant Internet fame:

  • Be the face of a meme: A meme is usually a picture accompanied by a funny quote. Famous face memes include Good Guy Greg (a grinning dude smoking a joint), Ridiculous Photogenic Guy, Bad Luck Brian, and Overly Attached Girlfriend.
  • Do something stupid or crazy on video. This can be anything. Lots of people love to see idiots doing something that ends in a really painful conclusion. Skateboarding videos alone are some of the top favorites.
  • Be a superfan. Lots of people become overly attached to certain TV shows, so you can just start a blog featuring news focused on the TV show you like. You can post links to news articles, reviews, interviews, and wallpapers. You can also write your own opinions every now and then.
  • Start a fashion blog. Many have become famous in their own right by starting a fashion blog. Their opinions resonate with their readers, and soon enough fashion designers start to court them.
  • Travel. Many people start a travel blog and soon enough they get a large following. Often these are the people who live in the exotic country they’re visiting. Many of these people are fascinated by how foreigners perceive their countries. Just be respectful and complimentary, and they’ll love you.
  • Offer useful tips in your blog. This can be anything, depending on your niche. Usually it’s all about how your fans can use or fix various appliances, or use certain programs. It all depends on what your expertise is.
  • Show fans a day in your life. This works if your life is interesting, or if you work in an industry that people find exotic. Many models have found a certain level of fame showing their fans how they go about their life as they try to find jobs.
  • Be attractive. Yes, good looks matter. So if you’re good-looking, use that to your advantage. Even just showing your pictures on social media platforms can get you a lot of fans if you’re hot.
  • Showcase your problems. Sometimes you can get a following by showing people that you have the same problems as they do. So you can start a blog about all your various efforts on losing weight, solving your baldness, trying to get muscles, fixing your acne, etc.

Be interesting, and some people will be interested. It’s that simple nowadays. Then you can wow them with a live video chat, and you’ll be sure to have dedicated fans for a very long time!