Best pillows for stomach sleepers with neck pain

What more can a person ask for at the end of a tiring and stressful day and at the beginning of another one? — A good night’s sound sleep. Studies show how sleep affects emotional and physical well-being, healthy brain function and daytime progress and activity.

Often we sleep in the most ideal surroundings; a dark and sound proof room, appropriate temperature and the most comfortable bed. Yet, we wake up with symptoms like neck pain, arms and shoulder numbness and discomfort, sneezing and wheezing and migraine. The cause of all this is most of the times the wrong pillow.

Our head and neck are the most essential part of our upper body and they are rested on a pillow. A wrong or unsuitable pillow can alleviate pain and discomfort in this area. Also, an old pillow is home to plethora of dead skin cells and dust mites; a major cause of sneezing and wheezing and other skin related issues. After 18 months you need to get rid of your pillow and if it has been two years, your pillow is well past its deadline.

A piece of advice when buying a new pillow:

When shopping for a new pillow, you need to keep one thing in mind. Go for something which keeps your neck and head aligned while sleeping, just the way it is when you are sitting or standing in upright position. While working, if your head experience being bent in a certain position for longer period of time, you feel discomfort and pain. Same happens when you are sleeping.

Secondly, you need to know which sort of pillow will suit you best. The choice depends upon your sleeping style. You can be a back sleeper, a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper.

There are a lot of choices for back and side sleepers but life gets a tad bit more difficult for stomach sleepers. Worry not; there are now options available for best pillows for stomach sleepers with neck pain. This makes it clear that you are not the only one in the stomach sleepers’ league and your quest for a perfect pillow.

The decision gets a bit difficult for stomach sleepers as you need to understand the fact that a thick pillow will bring your neck further away from the neutral alignment which is the major cause of neck pain. Then there are different options of materials and fillings to choose from. For back sleepers firm pillows are ideal while stomach sleepers should go for a softer and flexible alternative. The good news for stomach sleepers is, the pillows come with variable thickness. You can also remove filling from the pillow to make it thick enough according to your likening.

Some factors to consider while buying a new pillow:

  • Your needs and suitability: while choosing a pillow you will definitely want to go for something that gives comfort to all the areas of your body while you are sleeping. Since you happen to be a stomach sleeper, you need to make sure your back is well rested too. Try and go for something that is most comfortable according to your sleeping position and if you suffer from any particular body part discomfort, your pillow should be able to support that part in particular and provide relieve. Also, check for the material and fillings used. If you are allergic to feather and stuff, you definitely do not want any of it in your pillow.
  • Breathability and comfort: this is one aspect very important to be considered by stomach sleepers. Since you will be sleeping on your stomach most part of the night, you want your pillow to be made up of material that is breathable and absorbs moisture; that is your sweat. The material needs to be very comfortable as it might be the next thing to your skin. Go for cotton s it is breathable as well as comfortable than most of synthetic materials.
  • Budget: another important thing to consider. Stomach pillows are considered something a notch more special. Although they are flatter than the usual ones but this is how marketing tactics work. Do, some research to know how much an average stomach pillow costs and then choose one that fits in your budget. Also, try out a pillow before buying it. This will help in judging whether it is suitable with your needs or not. Advice is; never go for online things. See it for yourself.
  • Types of pillows:
  1. Foam. This is the cheapest and easy to maintain form of pillow. It is mouldable according to the weight and needs of the user.
  2. Memory foam. This is the type of foam that moulds round the specific body parts as required but reverts to its original shape as soon as weight is lifted away from it. Unfortunately these pillows are costly.
  3. Latex pillows. Another good option as they are firm and support the body parts. The material is good enough to ward off any dust mites or mold growth. They are the costliest option available.