How to Win an Audience on Instagram?

Instagram is a growing channel and a great opportunity to expand your brand. But, you need to focus your effort on humanizing it instead of making it popular. The best way to connect with your audience today is to touch their hearts, and this is where Instagram wins over other platforms.

Interact with Others

Instagram has a unique community, and you need to get involved by finding people whose content interest you. Follow them and interact with their content to get attention. It helps you get your foot in the community and get ideas (or inspiration) for your future content.

Instagram users are notified when you follow them, so they are tempted to check your account and choose whether to follow you back or not. So, focus on creating some good content before you reach out to others.

As you build your followership, show your appreciation by celebrating them and responding to their comments and even engaging with what they post.

Cross Promotion

Don’t only focus on the numbers of your followers, instead emphasize how strong is your relationship with them. Once you build strong enough relations, you might want to ask them about co-promotion. It adds a more natural vibe to your marketing, just work on your captions.

This helps you win some really picky users, but don’t do it very often, or you will blow it. It’s a more authentic way to get your word across than to buy Instagram likes.

Share Live Videos

Live streaming was around for a while, but this ideal got its wing in 2017, and its time you use it for your benefit. With Instagram Stories, you can give your brand a personal touch, and actually connect with the audience.

This helps you cultivate your brand loyalty and its appeal to the general public. Share live videos as it grants a bi-direction experience with real unscripted moments. This really lets you incorporate the human element, which was spared of heavy editing and polishing people are becoming sick of.

Marketing needs to be authentic and real, not some out of the fancy world stuff.

Don’t Create Content, Curate it

For the best results, get some extra pairs of helping hands. You can’t do everything on your own. Especially if you are running a business, you need to hire good talent to connect with your audience. Optimize both your account and content according to the audience you are targeting to improve your social presence.

Focus on creating a system to curate content. Develop your team and find more than one way to achieve this. Create a team email address and send them raw material that needs processing. Encourage your team on the subject line so they can sort through the stuff you send them.

Make the whole process easy for your team so they can focus on the quality of your content. Take care of your employee so they can take care of your clients. Help out your team whenever you can and deliver something more valuable to your audience.