All You Need To Know To Get Started With DFP!

What DFP stands for is -DoubleClick for Publishers- and it is a Google advertising server. This ad-serving platform has some impressive features and has earned its place at the top of every ad-server list. It is the most popular ad server, and its most significant advantage is that it can quickly be implemented with Google AdSense, the ad network with probably the most extensive publishing base. If you still do not know the tricks of website monetization, DFP should be the ad server of choice because it has an easy to use interface and a friendly, final customer service team. There are two different versions of this ad server. One of them is DFP Small Business, which targets small businesses and small users and offers up to 90 million free impressions. The other is intended for large publishers and can be invoiced according to the needs of the latter.

The numbers are talking

A figure of speech says: “It is better to see once than to hear (or read) several times.” And that is true because having a visual representation is more important than listening or reading alone. In that sense, enormous benefits for all kinds of advertisers, from business giants to start-ups or even people. Video advertising has more viewers than any other form of advertising. The proof is that the second most used web application after Google is YouTube. Just try to picture the size: about four billion videos are watched every day.

Do it the right way!

One of the secrets of video advertising lies in its innate ability to inspire the viewer emotionally, and here the average viewer can be called to action. Another question is how to encourage potential viewers to watch video advertising. One solution to this problem is to make interactive videos. These are specially developed videos that allow the viewer to take action at a specific moment, for example, to determine what the person should do more on the video. In this way, the viewer is slowly involved in the investigation of the content, is bound to the video idea and is given an active role in the process instead of watching passively. And that’s what ultimately brings the infamous ROI and conversions. For this reason, interactive video marketing is growing fast now. Just look on the web to find examples of interactive videos, and you will be amazed at how attractive they are.

Another reason for the success of video advertising is that people are usually looking for video presentations or an explanation of the brand or product they are interested in and about to buy. Videos, in general, are the primary source to explain how to do things, including especially how to cook something and how to repair a car. And with this content, you can imagine the possibilities available to the respective advertisers.

Last words

Video advertising evolves visibly, taking into account its adaptation to mobile platforms. So if you’re a business, consider the benefits of video advertising and get in contact with your dfp consultant immediately.