8 Steps for a Healthier 2018

Getting healthy – it always seems so simple at the beginning. But what’s the problem? Maybe your plan is too ambitious, for now. Your body is rebelling and you feel like quitting.

In this article, we’ll cover 8 simple steps you can take to get healthier in 2018.

1 Visualization

Relax, close your eyes, and imagine your ideal health condition. Do this daily, and as circumstances permit, as often as possible daily.

You’re training your mind to see the end result you’re shooting for.

2 Introduce Exercise Slowly

Maybe a full-blown weight training regimen is too much to start out with. Start walking briskly for 20-30 minutes per day, 3-5 days a week, to get your blood flowing, energize you and sharpen your mind.

3 Practice Breathing

When you find yourself in a stressful situation, do this: Breathe in deep through your nose, and then exhale from your mouth slowly.

Also, when exercising, do not hold your breath. Your body needs the oxygen to perform while working out.

4 Embrace Healthier Foods

Try different foods, one at a time, and continue to eat those you like. You can make them more palatable by dipping them in salad dressing or another condiment (the healthier the better).

Many who lift weights know that protein is paramount in their nutrition. For that reason, they use protein powder. If you’re considering weight training, try to find the best tasting protein powder you can find to keep you on track.

5 Nature Calls

No, we’re not talking about going to the bathroom. This is about spending time in nature. If you like nature’s water features, spend some time there to think, brainstorm – whatever. In fact, some enjoy exercising on nature trails. Others may like to sit at the top of a bluff and enjoy the view.

Whatever it is, there are numerous benefits, and they all contribute in some way to better health.

6 Give To Live

Even if you’re not a Bible reader, maybe you can appreciate the words of Jesus Christ, which say, “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” This is one man who knew and practiced this, and all who do have reported such happiness.

7 Change Your Habits

We’re creatures of habits, and many are worth keeping. But we often need a break in the routing. It can refresh the mind. Do something different. Instead of taking the usual route home, take a different one. Get a new perspective.

8 Put It In Writing

Many men might not be inclined to do this, but it’s not as corny as it sounds. If you get an idea, write it down. Keep a daily journal, whether you use pen and paper or on your computer. You never know what insights you’ll find when you look back later.

In conclusion, we’ve narrowed down these 8 steps from a compilation of many, but we hope you find them helpful, and we wish you a healthier life in 2018.