Why Should You Get Handmade Leather Journals?

Ever had a dream which you wanted to jot down but felt like it didn’t deserve to be written down on just a simple white sheet of paper? Perhaps you have been in business meetings where taking notes was paramount but felt like taking them in a simple journal wasn’t classy? If you have been experiencing these issues and want something to take down your special thoughts in, then a handmade leather journal is apt for you.

What are Handcrafted Leather Journals?

A personal journal acts like as a living proof of where your ideas find concrete shape. These are colourful, expensive and yet a little romantic journals which you can use whenever you want.

Why should you use a handcrafted leather journal?

There are immense benefits of using a handcrafted leather journal, like:

It ages well

A normal notebook yellows and falls apart within a couple of years, but leather notebooks are like fine wine which gets better with age. Leather is famously known to develop character over time, even if gets faded or suffers from scrapes, all of it adds to its personality.

It’s durable

Many notebooks live on a desk, while others are a constant companion in our journeys. So it’s important to have a notebook which is durable and can tolerate little wear and tear with ease. There is only one substance which can do that and yet look elegant- leather. Handmade leather journals are durable and get more so, the more thicker it is.

It’s unique

The place where you jot down your best ideas should be something special. It should be something of which there’s only one. Along with this, it should be made with care. That’s exactly what handmade leather journals give. They are crafted to perfection but there’s just one of each kind in the whole world.

Where can you get handmade leather journals?

Do you want to know about a place where you can get all the above stated features of leather journals? Then there is just one place where you can get authentic handmade leather journals in a variety of aesthetic colours- Olpr. They have a huge stock of journals ranging from mini journals, journal wallets, Nanami and Midori journals and more. You can view on site all of their offerings which are given with detailed descriptions and cost. All of them are just ready to be used in a variety of situations, ranging from the office to the artstation.

How to navigate the site?

If you want to see the huge collection over at olpr then follow the steps below:

  • Go to the homepage of olpr.
  • Type in the type of notebook or journal which you are looking for in the search bar and press enter
  • You will get all the possible stock which they have with them.
  • If you want to just browse the site to see what they have, then go to their menu. There click on the type of thing you want to see.
  • You can also change the journal search setting to change the colour, the budget, the length and more. This will help you search the journal faster instead of scrolling forever.

A beautiful leather journals is a companion for life, one where all your fond memories of old can be stored. One day you will surely love to open the old and worn leather notebooks, to be greeted with nostalgia and warmth.