Anbes 359 Bluetooth Earbuds: An Unbiased Review 2019

Over the recent past number of years, the use of Bluetooth earphones has gained popularity due to their convenience. According to statistics, these types of earphones are among the most commonly bought products in the consumer tech type of products. In as much as they are largely bought, there are many types and brands of Bluetooth earphones and the one thing that you need to consider is the features of each of these earphones and go for the right pair of earphones.

Anbes 359 Bluetooth Earbuds are some of the most preferred earphone brands in the market. They provide the needed comfort and ease of use as they are compatible with all Bluetooth equipped mobile devices. It boasts of a host of features including Bluetooth 5.0, automatic pairing/connection, etc.

Anbes 359 Bluetooth Earphones design

These earphones have a striking green color with black spots that are actually waterproof. They come with an inbuilt lithium battery. The design of a product is the first thing to be noted by any consumer and as for the Anbes 359 Bluetooth earphones they are not only attractive but they come with on-ear controls that have a hook to avoid slipping. These earphones are the best deal for active people.

They are very easy to operate and they do not require any rocket science. The extremely lightweight and ergonomic design make sure no sliding during wearing, 3 silicone ear tips different in size will fit all group of people. The Anbes 359 Bluetooth earphones are designed to be lightweight, compact and its level of sound quality is top notch.

The sound quality

While the design and appearance attract every person, the most important thing is the performance of the earphones. In performance, you consider the sound quality. The sound balance in both ears is equal and it can get around 15 meters before it can start breaking up. The Bluetooth signal and connection is really strong.

The Anbes 359 Bluetooth earphones have a noise cancellation feature in a manner that all the background environment noise is canceled and you are immersed in your music. It also has a very noise isolation feature that prevents you from annoying any person around you regardless of the audio levels.

Both its bass and treble are in line with the audio device and they balance very well. Also, it comes with an in-built microphone that enables you to make a hands-free phone call. The calls using Anbes 359 Bluetooth earphones are very clear.

Other outstanding features are;

· IPX7 Waterproof: Not like other wireless earphones, Anbes 359 Bluetooth earphones not only protect the earbuds from sweating, but also from the raining, which is a perfect match for outdoorsmen and fitness enthusiasts. But please do not submerge it into the water (Like a drop in the river or pool).

· The fitment and controls. These earphones are comfortable and they fit in your ears. They not only fit but they stay in place too. While it fits your ears, you can control your audio experience. Some of the common controls are.

a) Play/Pause: Press the middle power button to play and pause audio.

b) Volume Up/Down: Use the + button to increase volume and the – button to decrease volume.

c) Track Selection: Use the same above volume button but press and hold for 1.5 seconds to skip and go back.

d) Answer/End Phone calls: Press the middle power button to answer a call, press it again to end a call.

e) Redial Last Number: Double press the middle power button to call your last dialed number.


There are so many earphones in the market today to choose from and the best thing about Anbes 359 Bluetooth earphones is that it combines all the necessary features that any music lover would like and in addition to this, it comes at a very affordable price.