Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Studying Medicine in Europe!

The fact that you are here already means that at some point you’ve considered to study medicine in Europe or abroad in general. However, you may have second thoughts about it whether it’s because you’ve never been outside your home country or you’re just having that general unease when forced to leave the warmth of your family’s house. Fine with that, it’s completely natural and because a lot of people feel the same about it I will dedicate this post to reassure you and remove any doubt or fear that you may have.

The thing is that whenever we’re about to take a big step in our lives most of us would be anxious about it, it’s how humans are. Remember your first day in high school? You had to meet all those new people, supposed to make friends and all that sort of stuff. I remember I was so nervous about it, whether I would be able to socialize, fit in, not get bullied from the higher grade students, you know what I’m talking about. And what happens after 2 weeks? Before you know, you start treating your classmates like they’ve always been there and the anxiety is gone without a trace.

What I’m trying to picture here is that being nervous about doing something is super okay, it doesn’t mean it’s not good for you. You were in fact forced to go to high school because it’s mandatory so you never had any choice and you just had to put up with it. I’m sure that 2 weeks in from your first day at medical school abroad you’re going to feel as if you’re at home. Sure you are going to miss relatives and friends but the thing is, people come and go and nobody should dictate your progress and freedom to pursue dreams.

You’ve got to remember that literally, nothing great came out of comfort zones. Probably this is already a cliché but it’s relevant nonetheless.

Now let me tell you a personal story. I have a friend who went to study medicine abroad and before he left, a month before his departure, he couldn’t sleep at all. He was diagnosed with insomnia and had to take sleeping pills. THAT’s how frustrated he was about it. Then when he finally left, 3 months passed and he returned for Christmas holidays for 14 days. At about the 10th day the exact thing he told me was: “Man I can’t stand being here any longer, I want to go back to Aachen”. Aachen is the city where he studies.

This is just a small example of how easily people get used to stuff – changing work, school, friends, country, wife, all of that.

Also, there are people out there that could reassure you and tell you every single thing that’s happening in that particular city. For example, in Bulgaria, there are huge German and British communities which will welcome you with an open hand and you’ll never have any problem with socialisation. You will easily find new friends, which will provide you with any information you need so that you can adapt quicker and easier.

Another thing, there are a lot of people going abroad to study graduate medicine in Europe. Imagine this, people around 40 years, who’ve already settled down and established families decide to leave the job they hate or don’t like to pursue their dream! If they can do it, why can’t you! What’s stopping you?

What some people do is that they travel to the country they have in mind to see if it’s the right place for them to study medicine or dentistry.

We live in a world of countless opportunities, you should try your best to use every single one of them and grow. There’s not a SINGLE thing that’s stopping you from chasing your dreams. Go for it. Apply to study Medicine in Europe TODAY!