Co-sleeping is good for the mother and the child: helping children grow up better

A mother sharing their bed with her child is a common sight in the East Asian and Southeast Asian countries. It used to be rare in the US and western European countries. Of late it has been catching up after considerable research in the areas of co-sleeping and child psychology.

A recent study shows that sharing the bed with your child up until they are three years old, can help them bond with their mother. This makes them more secure as individuals and helps them make better choices as adults. While daddies are ready to protest this fact and lament on their ill fates, another study has followed the previous one closely that shows that children who share their bed with their parents also grow up to be more successful and independent as individuals in their adulthood. These children are also less likely to suffer from sleep disorders in their later years.

How to choose the right mattress for the mother and child?

The study has its pros and cons. Nonetheless, mothers sleeping on the same bed as their babies often recover faster from the stress of delivery and they are psychologically more upbeat. So, whether you choose to believe the study or not, you can go ahead and pick a new mattress for yourself and your bundle of joy.

  1. The typical adult mattress can be toxic to your newborn. Always pick a new organic, hypoallergenic, non-toxic mattress for co-sharing your bed with your children.
  2. You can protect your baby from the ill effects of a regular mattress by using baby-safe mattress covers.
  3. Make sure the mattress is not too soft. A feather soft mattress can hinder the baby’s vertebral growth, interfere with proper head shape formation and also increase the chances of the baby rolling over on their face.

Why do you need a new mother-baby mattress?

Being a mother is hard. Your body will need just as much attention and care as the newborn. You deserve the best mattress for the baby and mother right now. Think of it as an investment that can help strengthen the emotional and mental bond you share with your precious one. A recent study of 6-year-olds shows that children who co-slept with their parents until they were at least three years old exhibit more emotional maturity, cognitive prowess and smarter decision-making abilities. Paying for a new mattress is a small sacrifice for ensuring a better future for your babe!

How does co-sleeping help your child?

Several parents believe that sharing their bed with children will cause more disturbances to sleep for all parties involved. 21st-century parents spend the most on baby beds and cribs compared to any other generation. This can be contradictory to what we have seen for centuries – babies that sleep near their mothers, on the same mattress sleep longer and better than babies who have their own cribs. New parents are often anxious about sharing their bed with their rather fragile babies but putting the baby in a cot can disrupt their “active” and “quiet” sleep cycles.

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