Zeepin – A Brief Guide for Investors

What is Zeepin?

Zeepin is a comprehensive blockchain-based platform that enables the global creative industry to participate and thrive within the new smart economy. The Zeepin token (ZPT) is the economic fuel that will power the platform and its core collection of 7 dApps. These dApps will cover a wide range of solutions and will provide users of the Zeepin platform with the ability to obtain copyright registration and insurance, distribute and monetize creative assets, recruit and manage talent for any creative project, and connect creators and investors via crowd-funding.

What makes Zeepin Different?

Currently, there are a handful of blockchain-based solutions for the creative industry. These projects fall short of Zeepin in their scope, addressing only a one or two of the problems facing the industry. Zeepin’s comprehensive approach is much more ambitious and promises to make the Zeepin platform the one-stop-shop for the distributed new creative economy.

Moreover, these other projects face the time-consuming task of creating a large network of users before their platforms can become viable. This process requires a significant expenditure of capital and, even when successful, can take years to achieve. While Zeepin will likely face its fair share of obstacles on the road to mass adoption, they have a very significant advantage.

Zhu Fei, the CEO and founder of Zeepin, is also the founder and CEO of Arting 365, China’s most influential website for digital arts and design. With 15 years of history and over 1.2 million active users worldwide, the creative community of Arting 365 provides Zeepin with an instantly accessible network of designers, artists, and influencers for the platform. This will facilitate rapid growth in user base, which will drive demand for ZPT, inevitably leading to an organic increase in Zeepin’s valuation.

Zeepin is also pioneering a unique token staking and security system that will combine masternodes with a first-of its-kind cross-chain, dual-token system using ZPT and GALA, the native token of blockchain-based game, CryptoGalaxy. Full details of this system are yet to be released, but the implementation of masternodes should make ZPT an attractive asset for potential investors.

What problems will Zeepin solve?

The current creative global industry is ripe for disruptive innovation. It operates on outdated and overly centralized modes of transaction that are a poor fit for the emergent global decentralized economy. This system is biased towards large corporations and organizations, and is extremely inadequate for medium, small and micro enterprises, whose development is stifled by inflated costs and sluggish bureaucracies. Copyright registration is a perfect example of this. If a photographer in the U.S. wants to register a copyright of their images, it will cost them a minimum of $35 per image, and it will take between 3 to 12 months for the registration to be fully processed. Surprisingly, the crucial legal aspect of copyright registration, however, is not that it is facilitated by a government entity, but rather that there is an official public record of the registration. Through the use of blockchain, Zeepin can create this official public record in seconds and at near-zero cost.

More generally, the creative industry as a whole is rapidly moving towards a much more “lightweight” transactional model. The number of ideas and intellectual properties that may be copyrighted is growing exponentially. As this number grows, the creative economy is being turned upside down. In the past, there were a relatively small number of registrable assets, each of which possessed the potential for significant monetary value. Today, there is a massive number of registrable assets, each with relatively small monetary value. However, in the aggregate, these ideas represent a tremendous store of untapped value. Zeepin will leverage the power of blockchain to unlock and monetize that untapped value for the benefit of artists and creators, as well as for those who had the foresight to invest in creative innovation.

Where is Zeepin in its technical and business development?

As a NEP5 token, ZPT runs on the NEO blockchain and is a key part of the NEO ecosystem. Zeepin’s place within this ecosystem is further strengthened by formal partnerships not only with NEO, but also with Onchain and Ontology. Additionally, Zeepin has formed a strategic R&D partnership with SDchain, which is a blockchain-based IoT data platform.

During Q3 Zeepin will launch its own consortium chain and release its first native dApp, ZeeRights. This cornerstone dApp will allow users to digitize and record creative assets immutably, publically, and almost instantaneously on the Zeepin blockchain, and at a near-zero cost relative to the current copyright process.

Through the second half of 2018, and the first half of 2019, Zeepin will release the remainder of their 7 core DApps. Highlights of these include:

  • ZeeCreate – Connects content creators with consumers and allows for the monetization of digital assets via embedded smart contracts and the atomic transfer of ZPT between parties.
  • ZeeCrew – Enables an individual or organization to recruit and form autonomous creative teams to meet the challenges of any project in a manner that is both cost-effective and trustless.
  • ZeeFund – Allows creators to receive immediate investment support via crowd-funding, and investors to find the most promising projects and receive profits in the form of ZPT.

Click here for a full list of Zeepin’s dApps.

Public Sale of ZPT and Current Valuation

The public sale of ZPT concluded on January 18, 2018 with 500 million tokens sold at a price of approximately $0.13 per token. This represents 50% of the total ZPT supply of 1 billion. The remaining 500 million tokens are held in reserve, with 20% allocated to the founding members, 20% earmarked for community development, and 10% for research and development.

Currently, ZPT is trading for around $0.08, which represent a ~40% reduction from the ICO price. This discount is largely due to a general decline in the overall cryptocurrency market, rather than any intrinsic shifts in the underlying fundamentals off Zeepin. With the upcoming release of the mainnet and the ZeeRights DApp, the current valuation represents an attractive opportunity for those investors who wish to capitalize on the innovation that the smart economy will bring to the global creative industry.

ZPT trades on Lbank, Kucoin, and Gate.io. More exchanges can be expected in the upcoming weeks and months!

By Joseph Bisoglio

Zeepin website: https://www.zeepin.io

Zeepin Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZeepinChain

CryptoGalaxy: https://t.me/CryptoGalaxyOne