3 Things You Should Avoid Before and After Plastic Surgery

One of the greatest things about plastic surgery is that it is discussed in detail between patient and surgeon. Moreover, it is also scheduled well in advance, which gives both parties time to prepare for it. When you have decided to undergo plastic surgery, there are some things that you need to avoid before and after the procedure. Why you may ask? This is mostly because these things can have an impact on the outcome and results of the procedure. Obviously, when you are spending your time and money, you don’t want anything to go wrong. Therefore, it is best to listen to the surgeon’s instructions.

There are three primary things that plastic surgery patients are asked to avoid pre and post surgery. Firstly, there is the unhealthy habit of smoking, secondly, there are certain foods to avoid and lastly, some supplements also need to be culled from your diet. Let’s take a look at each of these in detail:

Avoiding all sources of Nicotine

Exposure to the drug Nicotine is very important to avoid before and after undergoing plastic surgery. If you vaporize or smoke cigarettes containing Nicotine pre and post plastic surgery procedures, you are putting yourself in danger, as this will reduce your body’s ability to heal. Nicotine can impair your immune system and constricts your blood vessels. This can cause tissue death along the incision line and make you vulnerable to serious infections.

Products that are widely used for smoking cessation such as Nicotine patches, Nicotine gum or electronic cigarettes also contain Nicotine and can lead to wound healing complications post surgery. You also need to stay away from second hand cigarette smoke as it increases the Nicotine levels in your blood and increase the risk of complications. Thus, you need to avoid smoking or coming in contact with Nicotine at least a month before and after surgery.

Foods to avoid

There are certain beverages that can impact your surgery. Health experts advise to drink lots of water 24 hours prior to surgery and to avoid all alcoholic beverages one-week pre and post surgery. Including and not limited to Red wine, as it is known to increase bruising to the body. Likewise, green tea is a great antioxidant, although when it comes to surgery it increases blood pressure, heart rate and negatively effects the way in which anesthesia work within the body. You will need to stop drinking green tea at least two weeks prior to surgery and until two weeks post surgery.

Similarly, reduce your coffee consumption as well as caffeine causes vasoconstriction, which increases blood pressure and heart rate. Fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber should also be avoided because you need to have as little food in your system as possible before the surgery.

Supplements to avoid

There are a number of minerals and vitamins that can impact your recovery negatively. Health experts such avoiding consumption of Vitamin E, as it is a blood thinner and can negatively impact your surgery.Please note, a lot of multivitamins contain Vitamin E. Fish oil supplements can increase bruising and bleeding and are also a definite no-no before plastic surgery. Herbal supplements to also avoid include St. John’s Wort, Gingko Bilobaand Echinacea.

Apart from these three categories, experts at CosMediTour and others also instruct patients undergoing plastic surgery to avoid taking any medications pre and post surgery without consulting a doctor. Even something as simple as Aspirin should be avoided as it is a blood thinner and can create complications.

Image Credit: Pixabay.