Keeping Your Rugs Clean

Rugs, they make a wonderful addition to any room and can really change the vibe of a space. Whether you opt for something traditional, modern or a huge pile rug, they can be a great focal point in your home. Of course, something like this doesn’t come cheaply and it really pays to know how to properly look after your rug, which is why we’ve teamed up with Rug Mountain to devise a handy guide on keeping your rug clean!

Of course rugs are prone to everyday wear and tear, especially if they’re placed in a busy room or space within the home. One of the tips that pretty much goes without saying is to vacuum your rug regularly, we’re not trying to teach grandma to suck eggs here but regular vacuuming can help to prevent any dirt from grinding into the rug and being harder to clean. Vacuuming every couple of days, or more frequently if you see necessary can keep your rug looking as fresh as the day that you bought it.

If you ever needed a reason not to permit shoes in your home then here it is, take them off! Rugs and carpets are notorious for harbouring dirt within them, by wearing shoes on them you are only fuelling the fire and trailing more bacteria through your home. Do the smart thing and take your shoes off at the door!

Just beat it – no we don’t mean the Michael Jackson song, we mean literally beat it! If your rug is easily moveable then you can take it outside (weather permitting) on a monthly basis and beat it to loosen any dirt or dust that may have attached to your rug. This may seem like a bit of a medieval method but if it worked for our predecessors then surely it will work for us. In fact, you don’t even need a carpet beater to do this, just use whatever you have to hand, brooms, bats etc.. it can be quite therapeutic!

If something is spilled on your rug then take care of it immediately! By letting a liquid soak into the fabric you are opening up to a world of stains. Unfortunately we’re not always aware when things have been spilled, especially if there’s kids involved. In the event of a spill we are often told old housewives tales about how to get the stain out, granted some of these may have worked at certain points but it is always better to seek the help of a proper stain remover first, then if this doesn’t work google to your hearts content and stock up on the bicarbonate soda. Whatever you do, make sure you take care of any standing water before it seeps through to the core of the rug.

Talking of bringing in the professionals, it may also be worth your while to get your rug professionally cleaned, perhaps once a year. Alternatively you can hire a carpet cleaner should you wish to do this yourself – it would work out a bit cheaper too. If you are intending to clean the rug yourself then the place that you hire the cleaner from should give you all the relevant information you need to ensure you do the job properly, in most cases the cleaner works using hot steam and there is no need for any detergent or chemicals but as we said – this is at the discretion of the supplier.

All of the above should help you maintain a clean and healthy looking rug, if you have any further tips please get in touch!